Conserve and Save
Our State's freshwater supply is a valuable and finite source. Water Conservation helps to delay the need to implement more expensive alternative water supplies in the future.

Helpful Tips for Inside your Home
  • Replace old high flow toilets which use up to 4.0 gal per flush to low flow models using 1.6 gal or less per flush.
  • Avoid unnecessary flushing of items that could go in a waste basket or garbage can, such as tissues, gum wrappers, dental floss, and diapers.
  • When showering or brushing your teeth, don't leave the water running. Turn off the tap until you need more.
  • Make sure your dishwasher has a full load. Don't bother to rinse your dishes in the sink before they go in the dishwasher.
  • When washing fruits and vegetables in your kitchen sink, put a stopper in the sink instead of letting the water run.
Helpful Tips for Outside the Home
  • Adjust your watering schedule each month to match seasonal weather conditions and landscape requirements.
  • Check your sprinkler system regularly and adjust sprinklers so only your lawn are plants are being watered.
  • Be sure to check outdoor faucets, pipes, and hoses for possible leaks.
  • Adjust your lawn mower to a higher setting. This helps protect roots from heat stress and holds soil moisture better than a closely clipped lawn.
  • Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your driveway or sidewalks. It saves water and it's good exercise!
  • Plant in the spring and fall when lower temperatures mean plants use less water.
  • Select plants native to our area. Most can thrive with little or no watering.
  • When choosing plants, keep in mind that younger smaller ones need less water to become established.
  • Group plants with the same watering needs together to get the most out of your watering time.
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