DECEMBER 10, 2013


THE TOWN CENTER CRA SPECIAL MEETING of the City of Port Orange was called to order by Chairman Allen Green at 6:45 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance


Silent Invocation


Roll Call:                    Present:                   

Member Bob Ford

Member Dennis Kennedy

                                                                        Member Donald Burnette

                                                                        Member Drew Bastian

                                                                        Member Ben Talluto

Chairman Allen Green


Absent:                      Member Suzette Blahnik


Also Present:            Greg Kisela, City Manager

                                                                        Margaret T. Roberts, City Attorney

                                                                        Robin Fenwick, City Clerk




4.    Lease Renewal Agreement – Cardwell Funeral Home, 3571 Ridgewood Avenue


Motion to approve the lease renewal agreement as presented was made by Member Burnette, and Seconded by Member Kennedy.


Margaret Roberts, City Attorney, asked for a revision because the environmental study has not come in yet. She would ask that the lease not be signed until the reports are reviewed and approved by the City Attorney and City Manager.


Motion to modify for approval subject to the City Attorney and City Manager has reviewed and approved the environmental study was made by Member Burnette, and Seconded by Member Kennedy.


Member Talluto asked why the reports are important. Mr. Kisela said there are chemicals on site that Staff continues to monitor.


Member Ford asked that Staff have these documents be provided ahead of time for review. Ms. Roberts said it is the leaseholder’s responsibility.


Motion carried unanimously by roll call vote.


5.    Adult Center Annex update from City Attorney


Ms. Roberts advised that the title report has been delayed. The title company is working on it. There have been some issues with the documents.


Member Kennedy asked how the title issues affect the property long term. Ms. Roberts said she cannot assure Council that they will be able to convey clear title.


Member Ford feels like Council is making decisions without full legal opinions and guidelines. He asked if the Attorney’s Office needs more resources to complete the legal issues involved in the Riverwalk project.


6.    Concept Plan changes from Applicant


Mr. Kisela said if the Adult Center Annex cannot be conveyed in the property exchange, the changes being considered will move the buildings north.


Parker Mychenberg, Design Engineer, discussed the changes because of the Senior Center. The buildings have moved north and the buildings have 70 feet in between them. They have encroached into the right of way that will be vacated. Dave’s Pest Control property is not under contract yet, but discussions are ongoing. They believe they are close to an agreement.


Councilman Kennedy thanked them for maintaining the 70 feet in between the buildings.


Councilman Bastian asked about the changes in the parking. Mr. Mychenberg provided details of the round-abouts and cul-de-sacs. There spaces shown in this concept are on properties they currently own and anticipate owning from Dave’s Pest Control. 


Vice Mayor Burnette asked how much encroachment is there into the easement. Mr. Mychenberg said approximately 35 feet into the right of way. Margaret Roberts, City Attorney, advised that the City cannot take money for selling right of way.


Councilman Ford is not opposed to the changes in the conceptual plan. He is glad to see the additional parking in the center. He still wants to see the details before fully endorsing the project.


Member Talluto asked about the space in between the buildings. He thought the original discussion was 80 feet in between the buildings. Mr. Kisela said the space has changed a few times depending on the status of the Adult Center. The Adult Center has to be used for park and public lands.


Discussion was held regarding changes in the parking areas and timelines. Mr. Kisela said temporary parking would be on the eastside. After two years, it would shift to the westside. Mr. Mychenberg advised that they have received the necessary permits for the plan being presented.


The CRA Board supported the temporary parking and the concept plan.


7.    Public Comments


There were none.


8.    CRA Comments


There were none.



ADJOURNMENT: 7:18 p.m.



                                                                                    Chairman Allen Green