APRIL 23, 2013


THE MEETING OF THE TOWN CENTER REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY was called to order by Chairman Allen Green at 6:35 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance


Invocation – Silent


ROLL CALL:             Present:                     Ben Talluto (Arrived at 6:38 p.m.)

Bob Ford

                                                                        Drew Bastian

Dennis Kennedy

                                                                        Chairman Allen Green


                                    Absent:                      Suzette Blahnik

                                                                        Don Burnette


Also Present:            Greg Kisela, City Manager

                                    Margaret Roberts, City Attorney

Donna Steinebach, Asst. to the City Manager

                                                                        Robin Fenwick, City Clerk




4.    Approval of Minutes


Motion to approve the minutes was made by Member Kennedy, and Seconded by Member Ford. Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.


5.    Annual Report Presentation – FY 2011-2012


Donna Steinebach, Assistant to the City Manager, provided the annual report.


Member Talluto asked about the contract services expense. Ms. Steinebach advised that it includes the underbrushing contract. Member Talluto also asked about legal services expense. Ms. Steinebach advised that was outside legal help on items during the year. Member Talluto also asked about the salary and wages. Ms. Steinebach advised of the salary split between accounts and the allocation for Town Center. Member Talluto asked why the tax amount has gone down. Ms. Steinebach provided some options that could cause the tax amount to decrease. Member Talluto believes expenditures should be cut off for the rest of the year.


Member Ford asked if Port Orange is a donor city or payor city as it relates to TIFF funds. Ms. Steinebach will provide information.


Member Bastian asked about the fund balance. Ms. Steinebach advised that the fund balance is negative. There is not enough revenue to cover the expenses.  


Member Kennedy wonders if they are at a point to re-evaluate the CRA. He asked what the advantage of a CRA. Ms. Steinebach reminded that the future TIFF revenues have been pledged against the bonded indebtedness. There is still a substantial amount of bonded indebtedness. Those TIFF revenues will go towards paying the debt service. Mr. Kisela explained that sunsetting the CRA would cancel the TIFF and not allow those funds to be applied toward the debt service. The debt is still there without any revenue if the CRA is sunsetted.


Ted Noftall, citizen, asked for an update on Mr. Kisela’s meetings with the developer. Mr. Kisela advised that he met with the developer and will provide an update to Council/CRA Board next week.


Stan Hetrick, citizen, asked what the payback term is. Mr. Kisela said 30 year. The debt will be paid in 2036.


Corey Berman, citizen, doesn’t understand why the City continues with this property. He believes the properties should be sold.   


Motion to accept the report was made by Member Kennedy, and Seconded by Councilman Ford. Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.


Mr. Kisela provided information on the County Council’s meeting relating to CRA’s. 


4.    Public Comments


There were none.


5.    CRA Comments


There were none.







                                                                                    Chairman Allen Green