MAY 22, 2012


THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE TOWN CENTER REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY was called to order by Chairman Allen Green at 7:20 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance


Invocation – Silent


ROLL CALL:             Present:                     Bob Ford

                                                                        Don Burnette

                                                                        Dennis Kennedy

Bob Pohlmann

                                                                        Suzette Blahnik

                                                                        Ben Talluto

                                                                        Chairman Allen Green


Also Present:            Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager                                                                                                Margaret Roberts, City Attorney

Donna Steinebach, Assistant to the City Manager

                                                                        Robin Fenwick, Deputy City Clerk




4.    Approval of Minutes

a.    April 24, 2012 – Regular Meeting


Motion to approve made by Member Burnett, and Seconded by Member Ford. Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.


5.    Update on Contract Negotiations relating to Riverwalk RFP


Margaret Roberts, City Attorney, provided an update on the contract negotiations. An agreement was provided in accordance with the RFP. A few provisions to add including: disclosure regarding environmental issues and based on RFP. Mr. Parker advised that this is the first round of negotiations. The firm has not looked at the agreement yet. If the CRA approves this agreement, it will be submitted to the bidder.

Member Ford asked about appraisals on the property. Attorney Roberts said this is just negotiating right now; appraisals would come after an agreement is reached between the parties. Member Ford asked if the agreement takes into account the park land. Attorney Roberts said no, just the RFP items only. More items can be brought into the negotiating on counter-offers.

Member Burnette doesn't see any need to proceed with appraisals until there is an agreement. He asked about a timeline for the contract. Attorney Roberts provided an email late in the day to the CRA members with a proposed timeframe. The CRA must provide 30 days notice prior to entering into any contract.

Member Pohlmann is ok with this as a starting point. He questioned whether the marina is included. Attorney Roberts said yes, it is included as a starting point.

Member Kennedy agrees to wait on the appraisals.

Member Blahnik agrees, it's a good starting point and does not want appraisals now.

Chairman Green asked for public comments; there were none.

Motion to approve moving the agreement forward as modified made by Member Burnette, and Seconded by Member Kennedy. Motion carried unanimously by roll call vote.

6.    Public Comments


Chairman Green asked for public comments; there were none.


7.    CRA Member Comments


Member Talluto asked about the repairs on the boat. Mr. Parker provided an update as to the repairs and marina district. Member Talluto would like more information regarding the activity in the CRA area before it happens.

Mr. Parker provided an update to the CRA relating to the clearing of underbrush and the non-native plants.

Member Talluto feels items are being done by the Council rather than the CRA. He doesn't know what the function is for the CRA. Attorney Roberts advised that the CRA and Council will be making the decisions, not just Council. Mr. Parker explained the processes that the developer will need to go through. Mr. Parker said Council makes policy decisions. Member Talluto would like a memo advising the rest of the CRA members what actions are taken to property located in the CRA area. Mr. Parker said that can be done.

Mr. Parker updated the CRA on the renewal of the Lohman Funeral Home lease, which allows for automatic renewal. Mr. Parker advised that Staff will be moving forward with phase 2 of the environmental plan. There was a contaminated area on the west side of Ridgewood, but not the east side, where the CRA owns property. They are looking at City/CRA properties to ensure they are protected. The contamination was from a fuel tank.  





                                                                                    Chairman Allen Green