OCTOBER 18, 2011


THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE TOWN CENTER REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY was called to order by Chairman Allen Green at 7:26 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance


Invocation – Silent


ROLL CALL:                         Present:                     Bob Ford

                                                                                    Don Burnette

                                                                                    Bob Pohlmann

Dennis Kennedy

                                                                                    Ben Talluto

                                                                                    Suzette Blahnik

                                                                                    Chairman Allen Green


Also Present:            Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager                                                                                                Margaret Roberts, City Attorney

Donna Steinebach, Assistant to the City Manager

                                                                                    Robin Fenwick, Deputy City Clerk



4.         Approval of Minutes


a.    July 19, 2011 – Regular Meeting

b.    September 27, 2011 – Special Meeting

c.    October 11, 2011 – Special Meeting


Motion made by Member Pohlmann, and seconded by Member Kennedy, to approve the Minutes. Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.


5.            Discussion of policy issues relating to Riverwalk


Mr. Parker discussed policy issues, comp plan changes, RFP requirements, and other issues relating to the Riverwalk project. Plan to take changes to Planning Commission in January, comp plan changes have to be sent to Volusia Growth Management Commission and the State of Florida, which will take the longest. He expects to hear back in May or June. Mr. Parker asked for a consensus from the CRA relating to the "bubble" areas as outlined in the memorandum. Talluto said yes. Member Ford has concerns about separating the areas out. He's not sure where the lines should be since they don't have an idea of where they are going with the whole area. Member Burnette is fine with using the "bubbles" in terms of geography but not restrictions. Member Pohlmann agrees with Member Burnette. Member Kennedy remembers Herbert St. being involved and one of the boundaries from the beginning. He is also fine with using the four areas as a starting point. Member Blahnik agrees as long as they are not absolute and can be flexible. Chairman Green believes it's a good beginning but also agrees with Member Ford that there's going to be some mix. Mr. Parker explained that the intent is for geographical purposes.

Mr. Parker discussed the second issue relating to the idea of a drive-thru and/or a pharmacy. He asked Council if they are in agreement with a drive-thru and/or a pharmacy. Chairman Green doesn't want it to be limited to one type of building. Member Blahnik has no problem with a drive-thru type of business. Member Kennedy is also fine with a drive-thru. He doesn't want it limited to a Walgreens. Member Pohlmann is fine with a drive-thru and wants a clean slate on the corner. He believes it needs to be a big corporation to survive, not a "mom and pop" type business. Member Burnette concurs that a national brand would be the best anchor. He doesn't have a problem with a drive-thru. Member Ford doesn't like the idea of a drug store. He wants to build flexibility into the plans and zoning. Member Talluto's thought is that the CRA/City owns a great piece of property. He does not want to see a drug store there. Chairman Green would like to see it a nautical theme, but it will take someone with a lot of money.

Mr. Parker discussed a hotel option. Member Talluto does not want an 18 story hotel, but he is fine with a smaller hotel. Mr. Parker advised that height restrictions will be discussed later. All agreed.

Mr. Parker discussed the park plan idea being riverfront. The point will be discussed later. Members are all in agreement that there needs to be a riverfront park for the citizens to use. Member Ford wants the point to remain in City/CRA control. He is not opposed to leasing the property back to businesses, but fully believes the City/CRA needs to own the "point". Member Talluto believes that the City/CRA should acquire the properties they don't already own from Ridgewood to Halifax.

Mr. Parker asked if the boat type of restaurant is acceptable subject to permitting. Member Ford is not opposed to a boat restaurant but has concerns with parking and access.


Member Burnette had concerns about the boat.  He felt the project was creating jobs and there are other positives.  Member Pohlmann was not opposed and it has not been established that it would be non-taxing.  Mr. Parker is in touch with the property appraiser regarding the tax issue.  Member Kennedy believes it's a great way to get people to the area. Member Blahnik likes the idea. She has had several citizens ask her when it's going to happen. Mr. Parker explained that it's up to the business to provide proof that they can obtain the permits.

Mr. Parker asked for the CRA's opinion on the family entertainment idea (bowling alley, Dave & Buster's type, etc.) He advised that there would be no adult entertainment and no internet cafes so the zoning would need to be clear. Member Kennedy explained the proposed family entertainment center idea. He supports the idea of a family entertainment center. Member Pohlmann also supports the idea and can't figure out what would be wrong with a family entertainment center. He wants citizens to understand that the riverfront property will be park property available to all citizens. Member Burnette believes Riverwalk needs to be developed in parts and this would be a great part. He supports it. Member Ford is not opposed to the bowling idea, but thinks there are better ideas out there. Member Talluto is fine with a bowling alley as well but not his highest priority. He wants it to look better than the ones in the County. Chairman Green explained the concept that was discussed.

Mr. Parker advised that the other policy issues will take some time and a specific workshop might be a good idea. All agreed. Mr. Parker asked for dates when the CRA can meet. CRA meeting will be held on Monday, October 24th at 5:30 on 2nd floor conference room.


6.            Discussion – Volusia ECHO Water Acquisition Grant (Acquisition of the Sweetwater’s Property 3633 Halifax Drive and land south of Sweetwater’s)

7.            Discussion – Volusia ECHO Water Acquisition Grant (Acquisition of the riverside property east of 3900 Halifax Drive


Chairman Green asked for details on how much money has been paid to ECHO from Port Orange and how much has been given back to Port Orange. Mr. Parker will provide a full accounting. Mr. Parker asked if it was ok to prepare the initial application for CRA review. All agreed.




8.            Quarterly Update – 4th Quarter FY 2010-2011


Donna Steinebach, Assistant to the City Manager, entered the report into the public record as provided and asked for questions. There were none.


9.            Presentation on Riverwalk Park Development


Ms. Steinebach asked for questions relating to the powerpoint presentation and recommends that it be postponed to the next meeting. There were no questions and all agreed to postpone the discussion.


10.         Public Comments


Judy Zalinger lives just north of the Town Center property. She hopes that the City/CRA will take their time in developing and wants them to think about preserving the nature of the area.

Buddy Lacour addressed the CRA and agrees with the CRA. He advised that there will be an ice cream shop in the area.

Ken Venky addressed the CRA regarding his thoughts on the project.


11.         CRA Comments - None







                                                                                    Chairman Allen Green