SEPTEMBER 27, 2011


THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE TOWN CENTER REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY was called to order by Chairman Allen Green at 5:32 P.M.


Pledge of Allegiance


Invocation – Silent


ROLL CALL:                         Present:                     Ben Talluto

Bob Ford

                                                                                    Don Burnette

                                                                                    Bob Pohlmann

Dennis Kennedy

                                                                                    Suzette Blahnik

Chairman Allen Green


Also Present:            Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager

                                    Margaret Roberts, City Attorney

Donna Steinebach, Assistant to the City Manager

                                                                                    Robin Fenwick, Deputy City Clerk




4.    Termination of License Agreement – Galbreath Enterprises, Inc.


Donna Steinbach, Assistant to the City Attorney, explained the item to Council. Member Talluto asked if there was a plan for the property after Aunt Catfish vacates. Mayor Green responded that it would need to be secured so that there are no liability issues. Mr. Parker explained that the property will be added to the City's insurance policy and steps will be taken to secure the property. Atlantic Marine will still have some access in the area under their agreement. Mr. Parker advised that the CRA Board will need to decide what to do with the property. Member Talluto would like a passive park area with jogging, picnic tables. Mr. Parker advised that another item on the agenda will discuss these options.

Member Ford would like to see it used as parking or a park as well.

Member Burnette would like to see it used. He would like to see the no trespassing signs removed so the property can be used by the public.

Ms. Steinbach explained that the park development discussion will address these options and desires.

Member Pohlmann believes Galbreath has fulfilled their agreement.


Motion to accept the Termination made by Member Kennedy, and Seconded by Member Pohlmann. Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.


5.    U.S. 1 & Dunlawton Median Landscaping Refurbishment FDOT Landscape Discretionary Grant Opportunity


Ms. Steinbach explained the item to the Agency. The grant is scheduled to be received with a requirement that the funds be used on landscaping materials and installation only. The City will be required to pay for irrigation and the installation of irrigation. Mr. Parker explained the usage restrictions on the second six cent on the gas tax.

Member Blanik is happy to see the project coming.

Member Kennedy asked questions relating to the funding. He is also happy to see the medians getting attention.

Member Pohlmann supports the project. He asked if any of the costs with the contractors can be done by the City rather than outside sources. Ms. Steinbach answered no, other than the inspections but then the City would have to employ an inspector with the proper certifications for FDOT.

Member Burnette believes this project is a move in the right direction for the area and the City. Ms. Steinbach explained that the materials should look as good if not better than the rest of the city. The walk lights will not be done with this project. Community Development has another option for that project.

Member Ford believes Community Development needs to be restructured so that they can handle the inspections and such with the City staff.

Member Talluto asked if there are additional monies coming out of the CRA. Ms. Steinbach said nothing more than what has already been spent. Member Talluto asked if this project needs to be done now or is there something else in the City that is more important. He pointed out that the section south of Dunlawton is in need of work. He supports this project but believes money should be put away.

Chairman Green believes that costs for design need to be controlled. He wants to make sure whatever is done needs to be maintainable.

Mr. Parker explained one of the problems south of Dunlawton is irrigation. Three spots have been located, water needs to be tested and those properties could potentially provide water to that area.

Member Kennedy asked what the maintenance cost estimates are for this project area.

Mr. Parker said part of the design requirements was that it be cost efficient.


Motion to approve made by Member Burnette, and Seconded by Member Kennedy. There being no public comments, the Motion carried unanimously by roll call vote.


6.    Discussion - Volusia ECHO Water Acquisition Grant (Acquisition of the Sweetwater’s Property 3633 Halifax Drive and land south of Sweetwater’s)

7.    Discussion - Volusia ECHO Water Acquisition Grant (Acquisition of the riverside property east of 3900 Halifax Drive)


Mr. Parker gave the background for the item. The owner of the old Sweetwater property has agreed to sell the property but wants to retain a portion of the property. They want to reopen a marina, restaurant, and have discussed some other options.

Discussion held on the size of the property and where the current owners are talking about rebuilding. Member Ford wants to know how much property is included in this site. Mr. Parker will obtain that information. Mr. Parker advised that October 16 is the deadline for submitting the application for the grant.

Member Ford asked for more information relating to the full plan of the area. Mr. Parker advised that the access to the park was planned and is still in the plan.

Member Burnette wants to see ECHO dollars come to the City.

Member Pohlmann asked if the City will be putting any money out to receive the ECHO grant. Mr. Parker advised that the Staff proposal is to not put any more money out, but to use dollars already spent in the area. Member Pohlmann asked if there are other parcels that are not owned by the City that are riverfront. Mr. Parker explained that these properties connect.

Ms. Steinbach showed a map of property ownership and pointed out the properties to answer Member Pohlmann's questions. Mr. Parker advised that he can have the current owner give a preliminary site plan.

Member Kennedy would like to see the site plan.

Chairman Green advised that the CRA is going to have to readdress this whole project.

Member Ford agrees with Chairman Green that a plan needs to be in place for the project.


Motion to postpone until October 11, 2011 at 5:30pm made by Member Kennedy, and Seconded by Member Pohlmann. Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.


8.    Citizen Participation – Non-Agenda


There were no public comments.



9.    CRA Member Comments


Member Talluto asked for a list of what proposed projects are in the talks. Mr. Parker advised that all who have had discussions with the City have discussed options with City owned property and do not require the City or CRA purchasing more properties.

Member Blahnik is excited to hear the project ideas on October 11, 2011.




10. Workshop on Riverwalk Park Development


Ms. Steinebach will email the PowerPoint to the CRA and discuss this item at the October 11th meeting.







                                                                                    Chairman Allen Green