MARCH 15, 2011




Pledge of Allegiance


Invocation – Silent


ROLL CALL:                           Present:                       Bob Pohlmann

                                                                                    Don Burnette

Bob Ford

                                                                                    Vice Chairman Dennis Kennedy

Chairman Allen Green (Arrived at 5:43pm)


                                                Absent:                        Ben Talluto


Also Present:               Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager                                                     Margaret Roberts, City Attorney

Donna Steinebach, Assistant to the City Manager

                                                                                    Robin Fenwick, Deputy City Clerk




4.    Authorization to Issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Redevelopment Project in the Riverwalk Area – RFP #11-14


Donna Steinebach, Assistant to the City Manager, opened explaining the desire for a Request for Proposals (RFP) and the changes that were previously discussed by the CRA and have been made by Staff. Councilman Pohlmann asked if there is any truth to any of the rumors he is hearing regarding a Taco Bell, a bowling alley, etc. Mrs. Steinebach said she is hearing that there may be a family entertainment center with restaurants. She also said talk includes more sit down types of restaurants rather than fast food type. Councilman Pohlmann asked if there will be any residential areas. Ms. Steinebach said there could be but the talk is more of no. Councilman Pohlmann asked if there is a 4 story minimum still in place. Mr. Steinebach reminded the CRA that they and the City Council have asked to keep their options open to deviations so someone could bring a proposal of less than 4 story. Councilman Pohlmann asked what happens with the property values. Ms. Steinebach said that is unclear right now, but that would come out with negotiations. The CRA is not bound to sell their property at any particular price. The CRA and the City Council would need to approve any proposal that comes in. Councilman Pohlmann asked if 30 days on the street is standard. Ms. Steinebach said Florida Statute requires it.

Councilman Ford thought they had left the last meeting that they were going to put out feelers before the RFP and asked what had changed to push the RFP. Ms. Steinebach said from Staff’s stand point we wanted to be ready, the dates can be changed. Councilman Ford said he doesn't want high rise and he doesn't want to mess up the Chamber building. He asked if the RFP can include exceptions for the Chamber building. Ms. Steinebach said it can be done, but it may be better to leave it as is and let the developer request the changes. Councilman Ford disagrees and thinks it should all be removed and leave it broad. Ms. Steinebach said it is at their discretion to modify the concept plan and/or zoning codes, but she would need direction on what they do want to do.

Mr. Parker asked Attorney Roberts what the legal ramifications would be if we change the zoning codes. Attorney Roberts said they may object and they may take legal action.

Mayor Green said he is the one who pushed this forward. He disagrees with Councilman Ford about the Chamber building. He wants the CRA and Council to be flexible. He doesn’t want to move the Chamber building, but if a developer comes in and that’s part of the developer’s plan, Mayor Green wants to at least be able to entertain the plan. He is concerned that someone might buy the property and leave it open rather than develop it. He has met with a developer from California today. He believes the CRA needs to meet often to get the changes done if that is the way they want to move. He wants to be prepared to get the clock ticking and stop talking about it.

Councilman Burnette is concerned about the timeline. He wants to see a date on the advertisement pieces. He would like to see specific language that the RFP is coming. He believes it is important that they get these properties on the taxrolls. He wants the CRA to make some decisions tonight.

Mayor Green asked Ms. Steinebach what a realistic timeline would be. Ms. Steinebach recapped the requests of the CRA as she understands them.

Councilman Burnette asked what the timeframe is for having the ads out before the RFP is advertised. Ms. Steinebach said there is nothing set in stone, whatever the CRA and Council want. The ads could cost up to $6,500 for a single publication.

Discussion was held regarding the timeframe for advertising and the price and size of the advertisements. Mrs. Steinebach recommended a full page ad in two if not three publications. Some publications publish online and in print. Councilman Burnette asked if a $20,000 advertising budget going to cast the net as wide as we want. Ms. Steinebach said it will get an international audience but it’s hard to say exactly how many individuals, investors or development companies will read the ads. We will do our best; we will get it out there.

Vice Mayor Kennedy feels the same about the timeline. He asked Ms. Steinebach if there are any additional thoughts about publications. Ms. Steinebach said there are a multitude of magazines out there, but the challenge is the property pieces and parts. Vice Mayor Kennedy asked about the master developer who owns some of the land. Are they interested in joining us in this venture. Mayor Green advised that he is willing to help and work with the city, the CRA, and a new developer. The master developer wants to get his money back, too. Vice Mayor Kennedy asked about the height requirements. Ms. Steinebach said it depends on the zoning. Vice Mayor Kennedy would like to see us get off of the 17-story building. Mayor Green advised that it is not economically feasible to do the 17-story building and parking garage idea of the past. He doesn’t believe there is a developer out there who would propose such a project anymore.

Attorney Roberts advised the CRA that it is a lengthy process to amend the requirements in the comp plan. The goals need to be set by July 1st. Ms. Steinebach said they may not need to do a comp plan amendment, may just need to do a zoning change, which can take 60-90 days.

Councilman Burnette wants to advertise with a date certain.

Councilman Ford agrees that they need to get moving, but wants to get things on the table tonight and move ahead. He likes the PUD idea and believes infrastructure shouldn’t be included until we know what is going to be built. Ms. Steinebach said it’s only included as a concept.

Mayor Green agrees with Councilman Ford. Parking is going to control the development. He doesn’t want parking garages, but thinks there could be residential about above the stores.

Councilman Ford wants to begin looking at the zoning for the future.

Councilmen Burnette and Pohlmann, and Vice Mayor Kennedy agree.

Mayor Green asked for public comment, there were none.


Motion to Exempt the Chamber from the RFP made by Councilman Ford. No Second.


Mr. Parker advised the CRA that Staff has the direction they need from the RFP standpoint. Ms. Steinebach recapped the revisions as she understands them, including the dates being included on the advertisements and the language being strengthened regarding the flexibility with respect to design.

Mayor Green also recapped the timeframe: 90 days there will be zoning modifications and during that 90 days the advertising package will be published.  

Ms. Steinebach reminded members that the CRA’s quarterly meeting is set for April 19, 2011.

Mr. Parker advised that the May publication ads are due March 24th.

The consensus is to do the advertisements with a $20,000 budget.







                                                                                    Chairman Allen Green