MAY 4, 2013


THE SPECIAL CITY COUNCIL MEETING of the City of Port Orange was called to order by Mayor Allen Green at 8:30 a.m.


Pledge of Allegiance


Silent Invocation


Roll Call:                    Present:                     Councilman Bob Ford

                                                                        Councilman Drew Bastian

Councilman Dennis Kennedy

                                                                        Vice Mayor Donald Burnette

                                                                        Mayor Allen Green


                                    Also Present:            Gregory A. Kisela, City Manager

                                                                        Margaret T. Roberts, City Attorney

                                                                        Robin Fenwick, City Clerk


Greg Kisela, City Manager, gave details of agenda and overview of the goals of the meeting. 




4.    Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Mr. Kisela discussed the results of the survey. An internet survey was added this year and those results were reported separate from the written survey. The internet results were a better representation of our citizens. Customer satisfaction marks were very high. Issues are in code enforcement processes, utility billing, and overall customer service.

Port Orange’s unemployment rate is down to 6.1% for the first quarter, according to the Economic Development first quarter report from Volusia County.

Vice Mayor Burnette suggested Staff review the questions of the survey to ensure the right questions are being asked. Mr. Kisela

Corey Berman suggested the elected officials set office hours for better accessibility.

Melinda Edwards, Port Orange resident, asked if the “don’t know” responses were included. Lisa Pallante, Finance Staff, advised that those responses were not included.

Newton White, Port Orange resident, asked about the demographics of the survey. Ms. Pallante advised that the survey results show various information on the respondents.

5.    Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Overview FY14-FY19

Wayne Saunders, Finance Director, provided an overview of the CIP. Funded and unfunded projects were discussed as listed on the PowerPoint presentation from Finance.

Vice Mayor Burnette asked about moving the EOC. Mr. Kisela said there is money set aside for the old police department rehab but it has not been done yet. He is concerned with the below ground water system. The City needs to get on a more proactive replacement plan rather than reactive.

Mayor Green reminded the public and Council that the money set aside in reserves has been for repair and replacement. Mr. Kisela agreed and advised that there are some funds that are going to be discussed for closure.

Vice Mayor Burnette asked about the west side sports complex engineering. He doesn’t want to get too far ahead of the Council’s goals.

Ted Noftall, Port Orange resident, commended Mr. Saunders on the presentation and asked if he could show the expenditures on the balance sheet and the carry forwards. Mr. Saunders advised that information will be available at the July budget meeting. Mr. Noftall also asked about for a report regarding the reclaimed water system. Mr. Kisela said Public Utilities Staff is currently working on that information. It should be available within a month or so.

 Mark Schaffer suggested considering using reserves to pay for some of the unfunded projects. Mr. Saunders agrees. It is a policy issue.

6.    FY 2013 Budget Mid-Year Review

Mr. Saunders provided details of the FY 2013 mid-year budget review beginning with the General Fund.

Mr. Saunders continued with each of the major funds, Water/Sewer Fund, Solid Waste Fund, Drainage Fund, and Building Special Revenue Fund.

Mayor Green is concerned with the building division keeping up with the demands. Mr. Saunders agrees. Cities have all cut back.

Councilman Ford asked how much BJ’s impacted the commercial permit fees. Wayne Clark, Community Development Director, provided details of commercial projects coming onboard this year that will contribute to the projected revenue in the Building Special Revenue Fund.

Vice Mayor Burnette asked about appropriated equity. He asked where those funds come from. Mr. Saunders advised that some is from reserves and some was from carry overs.

Meeting was recessed at 9:45 a.m. and reconvened at 10:00 a.m.  

7.    FY 2014 Budget Forecast

Mr. Saunders provided details of the budget forecast for FY 2014. Mr. Saunders discussed the ad valorem tax expectations. The numbers will be provided by the County Property Appraiser in July. It is still unknown if the values will rise, decline, or hold steady. The projections included in this proposed budget assume a flat rate, no increase or decrease in property values.

Councilman Ford asked what caused the fire pension increases. Mr. Kisela explained it is based on the actuarial report. Mr. Saunders advised that Council has paid above the required amount. The $700,000 included is directly from the actuarial report. Mr. Saunders advised that the Department Heads have reduced costs. Appropriated equities are not included in the proposed budget.

Mr. Saunders provided details of the budget forecast for the Water/Sewer Operating Budget (401 fund). There is no proposed rate change. Mayor Green asked how these projections address the meter issues. Mr. Kisela said he hopes to have those issues this year and they are not included in these projections. Mr. Noftall would like to see how the rates are calculated. He doesn’t agree with commercial properties paying more than residential properties. Mr. Kisela said that information is in the rate tables that can be provided. The Fly-In and Daytona Beach Shores rates are being reviewed.

Mr. Saunders continued discussing details of the projected budget for Water & Sewer, as well as the Solid Waste Fund, Drainage Fund, and Building Special Revenue Fund. No rate changes are proposed for water, sewer, or solid waste.

8.    Identifying New Initiatives/Resources

Mr. Kisela discussed items that are not included in the FY 2014 budget, including a 2.5% wage adjustment for non-union employees.  He recommends including it for equity among all employees.

Mr. Kisela said additional resources are needed on the fire side of Public Safety and are being requested by the Fire Department. He suggested separating the Police and Fire Departments and move away from a combined Public Safety Department. Discussion regarding the potential of a grant for personnel was held. Councilman Ford wants to see money spent on firefighters rather than administration. Mr. Kisela explained that they are short in administration not in the field. Deputy Director Ken Burgman advised that the Battalions are doing more and they are not able to work with their personnel as much as they need to. Councilman Bastian would support fully staffing the “boots on the ground” before adding more administrative positions. 

Mr. Berman asked about the personnel leaving from the Police Department due to retirements. Chief Monahan advised that there will be several people leaving and those positions will be filled with other members of the force. They have a succession plan. Mayor Green asked if there is a need for a different model in the fire department. Vice Mayor Burnette asked if some of the positions could be filled by cross training rather than a full time person filling it. State averages for police officers were discussed. Chief Monahan has requested four additional police officers. He suggested adding the police officers incrementally.

Mr. Noftall asked Council to have Staff provide a time log for those asking for additional personnel. He asked about the radio show Ken Burgman does each week. He also doesn’t agree with an across the board raise for all employees. Deputy Chief Burgman advised Council that he does not do a radio show each week. He has done three PSA’s.  

More discussion was held regarding personnel projections. Councilman Ford asked about staffing levels in Public Works, emergency management, and customer service. Mr. Kisela and Mr. Saunders will be requesting full time employees to replace the temporary employees currently being used in customer service. Tony Marino, IT Director, discussed his need for a Quartermaster. Mary Anderson, Public Works Director, discussed her need for an additional lead mechanic. Mr. Noftall asked Council for a full analysis of the departments asking for additional resources. He believes there are inefficiencies that can help reduce costs. Mr. Kisela is surprised by the amount of outsourcing that is done in this City. There are no staff members with specialized training in HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc. Mr. Kisela advised Council that the Neighborhood Investment program was not funded in the previous year. Corey Berman suggested Council discuss code violation processes with South Daytona.

Mr. Saunders provided good news in that the 2003 GO Bond has been paid off so the millage relating to that bond will not be assessed this year. There are no proposed increases in the utility rates.

Meeting was recessed at 11:50 a.m. and reconvened at 12:00 p.m.

9.    City Council Feedback and Discussion of Priorities

Mr. Kisela asked Council for feedback.

Vice Mayor Burnette provided ideas regarding each department that he’d like the City Manager to look into. A detailed list of the Council Members ideas is attached hereto and incorporated herein.

Mayor Green told Council Members they can dream all they want, but they will need to raise taxes or find another revenue source to fund those dreams.

Councilman Kennedy wants to see money spent on the infrastructure before there are emergencies. He’d also like to see personnel issues looked into and making sure that employees are in the right positions. He wants to see movement in Riverwalk and changes with the golf course. Ridgewood also needs to be addressed.

Councilman Bastian agrees with everything already mentioned. He wants medians maintained better. He suggested maintenance changes in the fire equipment and changes to the auction process of surplus materials.

Councilman Ford believes the purchasing process should be reviewed as well as staffing levels. He’d also like the accounting division to be reviewed. He wants customer service issues resolved. He believes the Public Safety Department should be separated. He wants to see a comprehensive staffing level for the City Manager’s and the City Clerk’s offices. He wants Community Development staffing levels reviewed. Public Works needs to keep the City looking good. He believes the City needs more ball fields. Human Resources also needs to be reviewed.

Mayor Green believes it was a mistake to not allow early retirees to be hired as part-time employees with no benefits. Space needs to be studied.  

10. Discuss Closing Various Funds and Use of Fund Balances

Mr. Saunders discussed the closing of approximately 15 various funds. There is approximately $1,000,000 in those 15 funds. Mr. Kisela said an agenda item will come back at a Council meeting in the near future.

Mr. Saunders thanked the Finance Staff for their work for this meeting.

Mr. Noftall asked Council to provide direction regarding carry forwards. He believes the budget should be determined without the property tax revenues. Mayor Green said not all carry overs are extra money. Sometimes that money is already allocated to a project; it’s just not spent yet. Mr. Kisela is looking to balance the budget without raising taxes.

ADJOURNMENT: 12:58 p.m.



                                                                                    Mayor Allen Green





Robin L. Fenwick, City Clerk