MAY 22, 2012


THE REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING of the City of Port Orange was called to order by Mayor Allen Green at 5:31 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance


Silent Invocation


Roll Call: Present: Councilman Bob Ford

Councilman Donald Burnette

Councilman Dennis Kennedy

Vice Mayor Bob Pohlmann

Mayor Allen Green


Also Present: Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager

Margaret T. Roberts, City Attorney

Robin Fenwick, Deputy City Clerk




Mr. Parker introduced Mike Ulrich, Interim Director Public Utilities, who presented the Public Utilities Operating Budget for FY2013, and thanked Mr. Ulrich for his service with the City.


Mr. Ulrich reported that the City provides water for 26,728 customers, has 40 water production wells, 13 miles of raw water mains, among other highlights for water and wastewater. Discussion was held relating to reclaimed water services. Mr. Parker will provide Council members with the map of the reclaimed water sites, as well as water and wastewater sites, during the July budget workshop. 23.2% of the overall budget is for personnel services, 22.8% is operating expenses, 9.9% is for transfers to R&R and other capital projects, 32% is transfers for annual debt service, and 12.1% is for other transfers. The top 5 issues of concern for utilities departments across the nation include: aging infrastructure, business factors, regulatory, source water, and workforce. One gallon of water provided to a home and taken back out of the home costs the homeowner approximately one penny. Discussion was held relating to the workforce and requirements.


Councilman Ford agrees with Mr. Ulrich that Council needs to discuss with City employees how to retain the employees. Council needs to give back to the employees. Councilman Ford would like a plan from Public Utilities relating to infrastructure.


Councilman Burnette would like per capita break downs during the July workshop.


Vice Mayor Pohlmann thanked Mr. Ulrich and his staff for their service and presentation.


Councilman Kennedy also thanked Mr. Ulrich.


Mayor Green believes the service has been a success and thanked Mr. Ulrich for his service.


Mr. Ulrich thanked Mr. Parker, Roger Smith, and John Shelley for their confidence and support throughout the years.


ADJOURNMENT: 6:38 p.m.


Mayor Allen Green




Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager