JULY 30, 2011


THE REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING of the City of Port Orange was called to order by Mayor Allen Green at 9:00 a.m.


Pledge of Allegiance


Silent Invocation


Roll Call:                    Present:                     Councilman Bob Ford

                                                                        Councilman Donald Burnette

Councilman Bob Pohlmann

                                                                        Vice Mayor Dennis Kennedy

                                                                        Mayor Allen Green


                                    Also Present:            Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager

                                                                        Margaret T. Roberts, City Attorney

                                                                        Robin Fenwick, Deputy City Clerk


Mayor Green asked Council to establish objectives for this workshop. He wants goals set for Staff and reports in April.

Councilman Ford's main goal is to take care of infrastructure. He wants a Facilities Manager. He wants an initiative relating to feral cats but the key item for him is City maintenance. 

Councilman Burnette's goals are debt, pensions, sick and vacation time needs to be used, wants to partner with other cities in some of our departments.

Councilman Pohlmann wants to set a fair tax rate for citizens.

Vice Mayor Kennedy’s obligation is to balance the budget.

John Shelley, Finance Director, discussed documents that will be used in the workshop.

Mr. Parker advised Council that the revisions to the budget are not radical from what they were given earlier this year. The new numbers have been received from other agencies and have been updated by Finance. The tax rate proposed today is the maximum tax rate.

John Shelley advised that all accounts are in balance.

Councilman Ford wants funds added to the Eastport budget to increase maintenance. Mr. Parker says there is an HOA in Eastport and they are not doing maintenance that they are supposed to be doing.

Councilman Ford also wants funds added to Town Center to increase maintenance. Mr. Parker said Staff is working on numbers to clean the area up. Councilman Pohlmann asked about hospital districts pulling funds out of CRA's. Mr. Parker said it didn't get approved, but Halifax has been a good partner.

Each fund was discussed by Mr. Shelley with questions from Council and the public.

Ted Noftall asked what the funds all mean. He believes the number of funds is ridiculous.

Mr. Parker addressed Mr. Noftall’s comments by advising all that previous councils wanted to look at funds projected for the coming year and not include equity in the funds. The policy of Council has been to do it this way and Staff has followed that direction. Mr. Parker reminded Council that they can advise Staff to make changes.

Meeting recessed for a break at 10:25am

Reconvened at 10:45am and discussed more funds by Mr. Shelley.

The Facilities Manager position was also discussed.

Meeting recessed for lunch at 12:00pm

Reconvened at 12:35pm. Discussion held regarding revenue funds.

Councilman Ford wants the vacant position in the City Attorney’s budget to be deleted from the budget documents or be moved out of salaries.   

Vice Mayor Kennedy agrees that if the position is not going to be filled move it, but if the position is needed, let’s fill it.

Councilman Pohlmann wants to leave it the way it is so the City Attorney can use it as necessary.

Vice Mayor Kennedy says he’s ok with leaving it this year but not next year. If it doesn’t get filled, he’d like to see it moved.

Councilman Burnette doesn't want to leave a frozen position funded, but vacant is ok. He wants all vacant positions deleted that have been vacant for 18 months or more.

Councilman Ford believes there will be funds needed for outside Council this year. He wants to move the money to operating.

Councilman Burnette agrees.

Consensus of Council (3-2) is to move the funds to operating and the position is removed.

Sick and vacation leave was discussed.

Fire services was discussed, including fire education position. Chief Monahan advised Council that he analyzed the fire education position and found that it would be best to change the position. He explained the changes he was requesting.

Councilman Ford expressed concerns relating to the cuts made in previous years to now fire someone and re-hire management positions. He feels there is a need for officers and firefighters on the streets. He wants current administration staff to “push papers”.

Mr. Parker explained that the position is a restructure of a current position and not re-hiring fired personnel.

Chief Monahan explained the public education position and his research for that position further. He feels the position was not necessary but an emergency management position is needed.

Councilman Ford does not want to fund the new position until later in the year.

Consensus of Council is to discuss the position further in January 2012. The money can stay but the position is frozen.

Motion made by Councilman Ford to put $40,000 in the police budget for a feral cat ordinance and enforcement.

Mr. Parker asked Council for authorization relating to working with the County. The consensus is to have Staff look into working with the county and Council wants $40,000 in the police budget for feral cat work.

GO debt millage rate

Motion to establish the 2003 General obligation Bond at 0.0615 mills made by Councilman Burnette, and Seconded by Vice Mayor Kennedy. Motion carried unanimously by roll call vote.

Motion to establish the 2006 General obligation Bond at 0.503 mills made by Councilman Burnette, and Seconded by Councilman Ford. Motion carried unanimously by roll call vote.

Motion made by Councilman Burnette to establish the proposed millage rate at 4.95 mills. The proposed millage rate is 3.22% below the roll back rate. Seconded by Vice Mayor Kennedy.


Mayor Green proposed that Council accept the roll back rate. Vice Mayor Kennedy asked how much revenue the city would receive if the roll back rate was adopted? Stella Gurnee advised Council that the revenue would be approximately $349,050. Vice Mayor Kennedy asked what would the extra money be used for? Mr. Parker advised that it is the Council’s decision, but recommended not to put it in the general fund, earmark it for something specific. Vice Mayor Kennedy would agree to roll back rate, but wants money used to pay down debt.

Councilman Pohlmann said he agrees. Councilman Burnette is leaning towards 4.95, but understands roll back. Councilman Ford is also leaning toward 4.95 to give citizens a break. Mayor Green is concerned that revenue won’t come in as planned in FY2012.

Ted Noftall doesn't believe Council needs to go over 4.95.

Motion carried unanimously by roll call vote.

Motion to set the public hearings for 9/6/11 and 9/20/11 at 7pm made by Councilman Burnette and Seconded by Vice Mayor Kennedy. Motion carried unanimously by roll call vote.


ADJOURNMENT:    3:28p.m.



                                                                                    Mayor Allen Green





Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager