MAY 3, 2011


THE SPECIAL CITY COUNCIL MEETING (Budget Workshop) of the City of Port Orange was called to order by Mayor Allen Green at 5:33 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance


Silent Invocation


Roll Call: Present: Councilman Bob Ford

Councilman Donald Burnette

Councilman Bob Pohlmann

Vice Mayor Dennis Kennedy

Mayor Allen Green


Also Present: Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager

Margaret T. Roberts, City Attorney

Robin Fenwick, Deputy City Clerk



Mr. Parker explained that this workshop is a first look at the public works department's budget. Staff was asked to look at the costs of fuel charges. Mr. Parker discussed the various accounts relating to public works and potential changes based upon current bids and other changes. Mayor Green asked if the fuel charges were a variable. Mr. Parker said yes, in the enterprise fund Staff is addressing fuel as a variable. Mayor Green asked about GPS systems in the vehicles. Mr. Parker said the City has GPS systems in all vehicles.

Councilman Ford would like to see public works as a line item and would like to see a comparison between this year and previous years (2007-present). He wants a comparison of management vs. employees in public works department. Mr. Parker said Staff will get that information to Council. Councilman Ford asked about building maintenance. Mr. Parker explained that some departments have their own people do building maintenance. Mr. Parker said the building facilities manager will be recommended to Council on a part time basis in the fall. This position will handle all building in the city including the police department and fire. There are indirect costs in every budget for every department as charge backs for common expenses. Councilman Ford wants staff to figure out how much staff is needed to respond to an emergency. Mr. Parker explained a concern that staff has been discussing that issue already and there have been a lot of staff changes since 2004 when the City had the last emergency. The city may need to contract with county vendors if an emergency happens.

Councilman Burnette asked where the solid waste numbers came from. Mr. Parker said the figures are from this year. Councilman Burnette asked how the savings would go to the citizens. Mr. Parker answered that the rate would be based on unit costs to the City. Councilman Burnette asked about the mowing for the current budget. Mr. Parker said there should be money available. Warren Pike, Public Works Director, is working on the figures. Councilman Burnette asked about the vacant, frozen positions. Mr. Parker said he has instructed staff to remove the vacant positions and if need be, Staff will need to come back to Council and justify the position. Councilman Burnette also wants a comparison to previous years.

Councilman Pohlmann asked if there is a chance for FPL to raise their rates and thus those costs could go up for this budget. Mr. Parker said it could. Councilman Pohlmann asked what Mr. Pike's needs are that the City needs to look at before it becomes out of hand. He understands that they want to keep taxes low but they can't let things go either. Mr. Parker said that Council will hear a lot about infrastructure throughout our budget talks.

Vice Mayor Kennedy agrees that infrastructure around the nation is crumbling and the City needs to stay ahead of it. He is concerned about fuel charges.

Councilman Pohlmann asked Mr. Pike if there is anything that council can do to help his department. Mr. Pike went from 58 to 45 employees. Councilman Pohlmann said Council may need to look at adding people to public works. Mayor Green wants to look into a program showing costs relating to alternate fuel costs.

Vice Mayor Kennedy asked Mr. Pike what needs to be worked on. Mr. Pike said drainage pipes would be the first item, then the corridors and third is building maintenance. He explained more cuts that have been done.

Councilman Pohlmann thinks this is one of the departments that Council needs to look at to give extra help.

Councilman Burnette wants to fix it. He knows Warren can do it and he wants to give him the help he needs.

Councilman Ford wants Public Works to come to Council with a budget of what they need. He knows Council will need to invest. He wants to see the landscape architect to make Port Orange corridors special. He wants to see a budget that includes how public works will maintain the city properties. Council will then figure out how to pay for it. Councilman Ford asked about succession. Mr. Pike replied that there are people retiring soon and hes not sure how long he will be with the City. He is training people for different positions.

Mayor Green said its good that Public Works controlled costs but they need to prepare for an emergency. Mr. Pike stated that he is comfortable with preparedness but not response.











Mayor Allen Green





Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager