APRIL 3, 2012


THE REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING of the City of Port Orange was called to order by Mayor Allen Green at 7:02 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance


Silent Invocation


Roll Call: Present: Councilman Bob Ford

Councilman Donald Burnette

Councilman Dennis Kennedy

Vice Mayor Bob Pohlmann

Mayor Allen Green


Also Present: Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager

Margaret T. Roberts, City Attorney

Robin Fenwick, Deputy City Clerk




4.    Eagle Scout


Mayor Green apologized for missing the Eagle Scout Ceremony for Richard C. Devins, Jr.


5.    Water Conservation Month


Mayor Green read the proclamation for Water Conservation Month. Mike Ulrich, Public Utilities Assistant Director, addressed Council relating to the water conservation issues. He thanked Linda Johnson, Public Utilities Dept., for her work implementing a children's program relating to water conservation. He also thanked Susan Lovallo and her staff and Corey Kingsbury, IT Web Designer, for their help.

Mayor Green asked Fred Griffith to advise Council and the public of the Boy Scout dinner coming up. Mr. Griffith advised that the Boy Scouts are hosting a dinner on Thursday, April 12, 2012 to raise money for the program.

6.    Port Orange Volunteer Month


Mayor Green read the proclamation for Port Orange Volunteer Month.

Mr. Parker stated that the City has a great group of volunteers for several different areas, including Parks and Recreation and the VIPS program with the police department. There are several thousands of hours provided by volunteers each year. Mayor Green agrees and believes the City would not be where it is today without volunteers.


7.    Spruce Creek Hawks Girls State Weightlifting Champions


The Spruce Creek High School Girls Weightlifting Team introduced themselves. Coach, Mike Randow introduced himself. Mayor Green presented a sign to the team. Thomas Vaughn, Asst. Principal, was also introduced.



8.    Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Quarterly Report


Jack Wiles, Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, gave the report from the latest Board meeting. The Board discussed placement of parks throughout the City to determine if additional park space is needed. Councilman Ford would like the Board to discuss ball parks off of Tomoka Farms Road. Councilman Burnette agrees with the need for additional parks. Vice Mayor Pohlmann thanked Mr. Wiles for his service. Councilman Kennedy would like the Board to look into kayaking/canoeing launches. Mr. Wiles advised Council that they discussed co-sponsorships and the criteria for the same. Mayor Green asked that he bring the co-sponsorship criteria back in document form for their consideration.




9.    Recruitment procedures


Mr. Parker introduced Howard and Lynn Tipton. Mr. Tipton addressed Council relating to the City Manager Vetting and Selection Process. He recommends the Council use the Range Riders program. Lynn Tipton, FCCMA Executive Director, addressed Council relating to the Range Riders program and advertising requirements. Councilman Burnette believes they should use a citizen committee. Vice Mayor Pohlmann thanked both for coming and believes Council needs to work on a timeline. Councilman Kennedy thanked both also and believes the Range Rider program would be great. He agrees this is an important decision. The timeline is going to move quickly with a two month notice and three month process. He wants to move ahead.

Mr. Parker discussed the proposed interview schedule. The timeline provided by Mr. Parker was discussed. Mr. Parker asked for Council consensus to agenda this item further for April 24, 2012. All agreed.


10. Audit Report


Mr. Parker announced that Alex Kish is unable to attend due to his wife's medical conditions.






11. Approval of Minutes

a.            March 16, 2012 Special City Council Meeting (Whiskey River)

b.            March 20, 2012 Special City Council Meeting (Fire Pension)

c.            March 20, 2012 Regular City Council Meeting

12. Project Update/Parks & Recreation

13. Construction Activity Report

14. Security Cameras Installation at Public Works and Old PD buildings

15. First Amendment to Solid Waste Contract B-11-08 with Waste Pro of Florida

16. Change Order #3 to Engineering Services Contract under Addendum #81 previously approved with Quentin L. Hampton

17. Joint Stipulation for Dismissal with Prejudice, Settlement and Release of the City of Port Orange v. Petroleum Technicians, Inc., Zabatt, Inc., and Florida Detroit Diesel-Allison, Case no.: 2008-34187-CICI

18. Construction Supervision & Inspection of Old Police Department A/C, Addendum with Quentin L. Hampton Associates #83

19. Construction Supervision & Inspection of City Hall A/C, Addendum with Quentin L. Hampton Associates #84


Motion to approve Consent Agenda items 11-19 made by Vice Mayor Pohlmann, and Seconded by Councilman Burnette. Motion carried unanimously by voice vote.


PUBLIC SAFETY (Gerald Monahan)


20. Bike Week Report


Jerry Monahan, Director of Public Safety, provided the Bike Week report. Sgt. Besuden advised that there was only one problem with the special event permits issued which was with Whiskey River. Mayor Green asked about the police activity on US 1. Chief Monahan explained the safety issues for the area on US 1 near Famous Philly's and Hidden Treasures. Councilman Ford said good job to the police department. Councilman Burnette agrees. Vice Mayor Pohlmann is pleased to see the department make the walk-throughs. Councilman Kennedy thanked the department. Mayor Green asked for public comments; there were none.




21. Comments/Concerns from Council Members


Councilman Burnette read John R. (Rick) Kennedy's obit and thanked him for his service. He believes the Council should recognize veterans more often. Mayor Green advised that the Council is providing a Proclamation to the family.

Councilman Ford asked for direction from Attorney Roberts relating to the riverboat placement. He would also like information on the old marina and whether or not it has been abandoned.


Council recessed at 8:32pm to hold a meeting of the Proposal Evaluation Committee for Riverwalk RFP #12-2 with the Town Center CRA Board.




22. Interviews and Ranking of Proposals for Riverwalk RFP #12-2 (continuation from March 27, 2012)


The meeting convened as the Proposal Evaluation Committee, which are under separate cover.


Meeting adjourned and City Council reconvened at 9:34p.m.




Mayor Allen Green




Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager