To:                   Mayor Allen Green

Vice Mayor Mary Martin

Councilman Dennis Kennedy

Councilman Robert Pohlmann

Councilman George Steindoerfer


From:              Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager


Subject:          Agenda Commentary for Regular City Council Meeting of August 3, 2010


Date:               July 26, 2010



Beginning at 6:00 p.m. on August 3, the Port Orange Police Department is sponsoring the National Night Out event at the Port Orange City Center. There will not be an early workshop because of the event.  This is an excellent opportunity for the community to come together and focus on crime prevention.  The event will be held on the circle near the amphitheater. 


A.                 OPENING


Item 1 -           Pledge of Allegiance

Item 2 -           Silent Invocation

Item 3 -           Roll Call



B.                 TOWN CENTER CRA MEETING



Item 4 -           Proclamation – Florida Water Professionals Week


Attached is a proclamation for Florida Water Professionals Week which is August 16 to 20.



D.                PUBLIC HEARING


Item 5 -           Resolution No. 10-56 - FY11-FY16 Capital Improvement Program


The Six Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a spending plan for capital projects for FY11 through FY16.  This plan is reviewed and adopted each year and the FY11 projects will become part of the proposed FY11 Capital Budget.  Staff recommends approval.


City Manager’s Comments: On July 27th, the City Council reviewed the Capital Improvements Program.  The first year of the plan will be the one that is implemented this year.  Most of the expenditures are in the water and sewer, drainage, and fleet management.  Although several other projects have been identified, we have limited our plan to areas where capital funds are available. 



E.                 CITIZEN PARTICIPATION (Non-Agenda)

F.                 CONSENT AGENDA


Item 6 -           Approval of Minutes


Attached are the minutes of the following meetings:


June 1, 2010 – Regular City Council Meeting

June 15, 2010 – Special City Council Meeting

June 15, 2010 – Regular City Council Meeting

June 22, 1010 – Special City Council Meeting


Staff recommends approval.


Item 7 -           Update on Construction Projects


Attached is the update from Quentin Hampton’s regarding construction projects.  If you have questions, please contact any of the Project Managers or me.


Item 8 -           Update on Recreational Facilities


Attached is the update from Parks and Recreation.  If you have questions, please contact either Susan Lovallo or me.


Item 9 -           City Attorney’s Report


Attached is the City Attorney’s Report.  If you have questions, please contact Margaret Roberts.


Item 10 -        Road Construction Report


Attached is the Road Construction Report.  If you have questions, please contact either Warren Pike or me.


Item 11 -        Approve Public Employees Association (PEA) 2010-2011 Union Contract


The PEA has ratified the agreement for FY 2010-2011.  Staff recommends acceptance of the contract.


City Manager’s Comments: A vote has been scheduled by the PEA.  This item is on the Agenda so that the City Council can act after the PEA ratification vote.





Item 12 -        Report from Advisory Board


a.                  Environmental Advisory Board


A representative of the Environmental Advisory Board will make a report to Council at this time.



H.                 FINANCE


Item 13 -        Resolution No. 10-57 – Budget Appropriations


LAP Agreements FPN 427621-1-38-01 Willow Run at Clyde Morris Turn Lane, and FPN 427632-1-38-01, Dunlawton Avenue/SR 421 at village Trail Turn Lane, were approved by the City Council in April.  Now the design phases are ready to be budgeted.  FDOT is funding 75%, and the City is funding 25%.  The City’s funding is available in Fund 312 for Willow Run and Fund 301 for Dunlawton.  Staff recommends approval.





Item 14 -        City Vision Statement – 2010 Update


Over the past two years, the City has conducted a series of workshops and input activities to obtain citizen participation in the update of the City’s Vision Statement.   Feedback from the last community-wide workshop, held in February 2010, coupled with feedback received from the Annual Citizen Survey, published in February 2010, have now been incorporated into a comprehensive update to the City Vision Statement.


The City Vision Statement - 2010 Update retains the same core values expressed in earlier City Vision Statements; however, the concept of sustainability, especially in terms of the City’s financial health and the natural environment, has been significantly heightened.  The City’s Vision is still to be achieved through attainment of goals in six (6) key areas:  Education, Community Character, Growth and Development, Natural Resources, City Services and Effective Government, and Healthy Community.   The specific objectives in each of these areas are where most of the updates have occurred.  This is a reflection of achievements since the last Vision Statement Update in 2006, as well as changing times and community priorities.


Many individuals from the community, in addition to City staff, have assisted the Council in this update.   The contributions of time, talent, and resources from these individuals have been extremely valuable and are greatly appreciated.   The City Vision Statement – 2010 Update is now ready for formal adoption. 


Staff recommends that Council adopt the City of Port Orange Vision Statement – 2010 Update, as presented.


Item 15 -        Approval of Memorandum of Understanding between Coastal Public Employees Association and City of Port Orange


Attached is a Memorandum of Understanding between the Coastal Public Employees Association (PEA) and the City of Port Orange authorizing the suspension of accrual of sick and vacation leave for the Fiscal Year beginning October 1, 2010.  Staff recommends approval.



I.                     COUNCIL COMMENTS


Item 16 -        Comments/Concerns from Council Members


At this time, Council Members may discuss various matters of concern.