LAKESIDE PAVILION 1999 City Center Circle


December 15, 2010


THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE PARKS & RECREATION ADVISORY BOARD of the City of Port Orange was called to order by Chairman Jack Wiles at 5:30 p.m.


ROLL CALL:                        Present:            Jose Rosa

                                                                         Leah Riddick                                                                                             Mark Bowling                 

                                                                         Jack Wiles, Chairman


Absent:      John Cameron, Arrived 

                    late @ 6:45 p.m.

                                                                              Mary Moorhouse,

      Resigned 12/13/10           

                                                                         Henry Harden, Excused


                                                Also Present:    Susan Lovallo, Parks &                                                                            Recreation Director

                                                                              Sissy Teehan, Office

                                                                              Assistant V





1.     Competitive Baseball IN THE CITY OF



2.     Program Scholarships



Chairman Jack Wiles suggested that the board review and discuss the Program Scholarships first as there are various parties in attendance to hear and contribute to the topic of Competitive Baseball.  All agreed.





Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Special Meeting

December 15, 2010

Meeting Minutes

Page 2


Copies of the Scholarship Policy, Waiver Procedures, Youth Scholarship Applications, and Scholarship/Volunteering Agreement were distributed to board members for review and discussion. Copies to be included with recorded minutes.


Susan opened to explain the forms presented to the board members; these are the drafts that will be presented to council for review.  Currently all scholarships are done and awarded through my office and are based on need.  In the past this has not been a hard thing to do because we have not had that many; however, over the past couple years there have been a lot.  With budget constraints and our programs losing a lot of money, we are not recovering what we are being asked to recover.  So we were asked to go back and look at our scholarships and how we can fund and award them.  Basically, what we have done is begun to operate concession stands and purchased a snack machine for the Gym. All of the net proceeds from these two items will go to fund the scholarships as well as the annual Mayor’s Tournament.  Therefore, we will no longer be just giving scholarships away.  One of the other things we did was look at other Cities athletic programs as well as the YMCA and how they operate subsidized memberships and programs.  Exhibit A is the application form.  The front-page shows the entire annual household income based upon tax returns or Social Security Income.  The chart on the second page, done by the State of Florida, will be used to determine the percentage of waiver based on the annual household income and number of persons in the household.  The biggest change this year is that no one will receive a 100% waiver any longer.  In addition to the waiver, we are also asking that the parent or someone in the home with the child, volunteer in our program to help offset the cost of the waiver.  It is equated to be about one hour to equal $10.  Of course, there will still be special circumstances that will have to be handled on individual cases. We have never had a policy before however, we felt that with the increase in requests we needed an across the board procedure to follow.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Special Meeting

December 15, 2010

Meeting Minutes

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Mark Bowling asked what the percentage of increase has been over the past-coupled years.  Susan replied that our biggest increase has been in

the summer playgrounds; we were awarding 5 to 6 per year and last year we awarded around 13.  The other sports programs average three or four per season.  Under the new policy, children that have not received a scholarship within the fiscal year will be awarded one before those that have already received a scholarship during the same fiscal year. After that, any remaining funds will be awarded. 


Discussion followed regarding the Mayor’s Corp and what a wonderful job Aime Bischoff is doing in handling, scheduling and running this volunteer program, especially for the concession stands.


We are expecting around $5,000 per year from the proceeds of the concession stands and around $5,000 per year from the Mayor’s Golf Tournament.  Our need will be greater than the $10,000 we are expecting, but this will help tremendously with the scholarships.  Since we are no longer giving away full scholarships, we will be able to help more families with partial scholarships. 


In summary the Parks and Recreation Board likes and approves of the policy and agrees that it should be submitted to the City Council. 


Chairman Wiles moved the meeting on to the Competitive Baseball discussion:


We will talk about options that have been presented to the board; one would be to work with the competitive baseball groups that are out there; the other would be to do a Babe Ruth program within the City.

An estimated cost to the City to participate in the Babe Ruth programs would be approximately $10,000 per year and as a requirement, all competitive team players would be required to participate in the City’s programs as well.   



Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Special Meeting

December 15, 2010

Meeting Minutes

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We need to get one of the coach’s ideas on what they would like to see and maybe we can weigh that on making a decision on the directions we want to recommend to the Council. 


Discussion followed on the costs associated with participating in the Babe Ruth program and if the council would be willing to expend that kind of money at this time.  We have been approached by various organizations all looking for a similar program within the City.  Also discussed the option of having one co-sponsored competitive team and the fact that our fields will not accommodate the ninety foot fields required for the older age groups however, we can play on our seventy foot fields with the under 12 age groups. We would work with one competitive team for a year as a co-sponsor.


Basically, we are just looking for a recommendation from our board to the city council on how you think we should go. 


Discussion followed on the cost to prepare and maintain the fields to meet the standards necessary to have the Babe Ruth program and field schedules required for the competitive teams to use.





Mr. Lee McFarland of 17 Paige Dr., Port Orange, Fl – I have been a resident of Port Orange since 1980; Graduated from Spruce Creek High School and I am currently the head baseball coach of Atlantic High School.  I have been coaching recreation in South Daytona since 2005 and recently in 2008 began revitalizing the South Daytona Stingray Baseball program.  I am not here to ask for any facilities, I am just here to enlighten the board as to what competitive baseball is. Being from Port Orange I would like to give my suggestion as to what we would like to see in the form of competitive baseball in the City of Port Orange. 



Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Special Meeting

December 15, 2010

Meeting Minutes

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All AAU leagues are hurting for facilities to play on, that is why Port Orange is so favorable with the many fields we have. 

Discussion followed on the current number of participants they have playing in the South Daytona League, types of uniforms, costs to be associated with Babe Ruth and All Stars Programs, and retrofitting of the fields.  On the competitive baseball side, discussion followed on the age levels and how they are grouped and when they would need fields for practices. A competitive team for Port Orange would be modeled after the Ormond Beach Spikes program.  Practices would not be a problem working around the recreation departments scheduled programs. In addition, 90% of competitive baseball games are played on Sundays.  A competitive baseball league would need access to fields, concession stands, and restrooms.  Port Orange fields must accommodate various sports and not just baseball.  If the City went with a competitive baseball league those players would be required to play in the recreation programs as well.  Discussed the costs charged to co-sponsored teams, what their fees consist of and what is included for that price.  In addition, what the City expects from those co-sponsored teams in relation to how they care for our fields and facilities. 


Discussion followed about the Babe Ruth League and the rules as compared to our recreation league.  Basically, the two are the same in that all children get to play; the only difference is that with Babe Ruth, participants can go to All Stars and recreational leagues cannot. 





Susan felt that this group brought a lot of good insight to the table for competitive baseball.  The overall picture and structure they were presenting seemed very doable for the City as a co-sponsored league.


Jack Wiles – In summary the board believes we need a good program for competitive baseball in the City of Port Orange.  Everyone is in


Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Special Meeting

December 15, 2010

Meeting Minutes

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agreement to recommend to the City Council that we become affiliated

with Babe Ruth programs and work as a co-sponsor with a competitive baseball league and require those participants to be a part of City run leagues as well. 


Jack will present the board’s recommendations to the City Council at the January 4, 2011 Council meeting.


Mary (Doreen) Moorhouse will be leaving the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board and we will do something to recognize her many years of participation with the board at the January 25th Board meeting.  Applications for her replacement will be forwarded to the remaining board members for review and recommendation to City Council. 





Chairman Jack Wiles asked for a Motion to adjourn at 6:59 p.m.:                         


Motion made by Jose Rosa and seconded by Jack Wiles.  Motion carried by 5 to 0 vote.






                                                          Chairman Jack Wiles