SEPTEMBER 28, 2010


THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE PARKS & RECREATION ADVISORY BOARD of the City of Port Orange was called to order by Chairman Jack Wiles at 5:30 p.m.



ROLL CALL:              Present:      John Cameron

                                                          Henry (Bud) Harden (left at 5:57)

                                                           Jose Rosa

                                                          Mark Bowling

                                                          Leah Riddick (arrived late)

                                                          Jack Wiles, Chairman


                                       Absent:      Mary Moorhouse (excused)

                              Also Present:      Susan Lovallo, Parks & Recreation Director

                                                          Brenda Teehan, Office Assistant V





Motion made by Mark Bowling, Seconded by John Cameron to approve the minutes for the meeting held May 25, 2010. Motion carried by 6-0 voice vote.


Leah commented on the Foundation that she has been working with Daniel via email on this subject.  For the minutes, Leah and Daniel have been very instrumental in working on the Foundation.



Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

September 28, 2010

Meeting Minutes

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Susan and Jack welcomed Mike Walzak and Steve and Melissa Siegfried; they are proposing to start a competitive Baseball Little League in the memory of their lost son that passed away a year ago and would like to use the fields at Coraci Park to start the foundation.  They made their presentation to the Board as follows: The Coraci ballfields were chosen because they are first located in their hometown of Port Orange, and secondly because of their close proximately to the Pavilion with restaurants, shopping, and near by hotels.  They also have a desire to have and bring back to Port Orange competitive baseball and would like to propose a 10 year lease agreement with the City of Port Orange to utilize the Coraci ballfields. Their not for profit organization would have full control of these fields and concessions.  The Siegfried Organization would run the operations of the baseball fields and overall operations through donations and sponsorships.  These fields would have to be modified to accommodate competitive baseball therefore; their request to lease the fields for 10 years would help to recoup the expenses to modify.  The City would not have utilization of these fields at all during this 10 year period.  They would like to have control of all little league and perhaps all baseball programs within the City of Port Orange to the age of Twelve with no T-Ball offered.  Further discussions followed and concluded with Chairman Jack Wiles asking them to prepare and submit a monthly budget formula on their costs and to include the costs of field maintenance and other operational costs.  Future discussions are to be held in meetings with the City Manager and City Council. 


Sue introduced Aime Bischoff to the Advisory Board; she is a strong supporter of Parks & Recreation with children in our programs.  Aime also volunteers in many of our sports programs and is a huge supporter that would like to get more involved.




Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

September 28, 2010

Meeting Minutes

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The Foundation is still in the City Attorney’s Office; they are bogged down and not sure when this will be reviewed.  Some of her reservations are the items that were put back into the Articles by the City Manager; she does not want the City to be too involved with the Foundation and wants it to be completely separate. 


Never received check from Mark Bowling; he will look into the matter to see if the check has cleared and what the status is.


Leah as been working with Daniel who was our intern on the Foundation and she has been extremely helpful.


Budget updates – Everyone is aware of where we are on the budgets and Sue thanked everyone for their support during the budgeting time. It was a very tough year and looks like next year may be worse.  So far in this years budget we have lost a person and a half and Steve Wolf will be retiring in July 2011.  We are not sure if we will keep this position once he retires.  The City Manager had us go after programs this year to meet budget.  The City Council did not cut anything out of our department, but they did however cut people.  As we go forward towards next year, the only thing left to cut will be people.  If people are cut, programs will have to be cut as there will not be enough people to run the programs.  We were tasked with cutting our budget to meet the proposal from the YMCA of $45,000.  We will have to breach that gap this fiscal year.  We have taken a two prong approach; we are looking at increasing some fees and looking at more volunteers.  We are looking at creating new revenue; though not a new concept, we have taken back over running our concession stands.  Aime has been a huge help in this area.  We have started the Mayors Corps for volunteers in Parks and Recreation.  We would like to have the board vote on which logo they like the best; we are working towards having Commanders of the Mayors Corps be volunteers that will organize and schedule all of our volunteers.  The staff will put in volunteer requests to the Commanders

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

September 28, 2010

Meeting Minutes

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and they will in turn schedule volunteers as needed.  A report will be provided on a quarterly basis to the City Council on how many volunteer hours we are using in our department and how much money it is saving this department.   We are also expecting the concession stands to bring in approximately $5,000.  From what we are seeing now, we expect to exceed this amount. This is where the Foundation really needs to come in to help out because eventually this will come under our financial department and it will be scrutinized and inventoried for every single item. We are planning to have the revenue from the concession stands go to the Foundation to offset the costs of waivers/scholarships.  Discussions followed regarding high school students volunteering to get required community service credit hours; all agreed this is a great idea.  Discussion followed regarding the creation of the Foundation and that it was not created to supplement the Parks and Recreation Budget.  It would be best used for scholarships and not to pay scorekeeper or umpires/personnel from the concession proceeds.  In fiscal year 2010 we gave away nearly $13,000 in waivers; applicants qualify based on the free lunch guidelines.  We are currently working on a waiver policy which will come before the board.  Discussion followed regarding the percentage of our budget that we recover.  We currently recover approximately 52% of our budget; our goal is to reach 80% recovery of our budget this fiscal year in order to keep ahead of the curve.


Sue asked which Mayors Corps logo the board preferred; majority consensus was for logo #3.


Moving forward, Sue reported on current sports programs:  Rookie Soccer has completed with 103 kids in the Rookie Program.  We had a total of 494 kids enrolled in our Soccer Program.  We are currently registering for fall baseball with 64 so far; Girls fast pitch started their season last week with 49; they will play against New Smyrna Beach; we have 4 teams as well as New Smyrna and this has worked out very well;

Women’s Softball, Men’s Softball, Women’s Soccer and Adult Tennis have all started and are doing well;  Online registration is getting ready to launch with training done today. 

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

September 28, 2010

Meeting Minutes

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Family Days is this weekend with the Blazer tournament coming in on the 23rd of October.  There is allot going on in our department and we will be busy. 


The Adult Activity Center renovations, if you have not been by, are doing really good.  Building looks fantastic; we are looking at mid November to be completed.  There will probably be a grand opening after the first of the year.


Coraci Phase II is just about complete; the clay is in, the lights are in, and they are putting sod out.  Our plan is to use this park for tournaments only due to economics and not having people to maintain it.  We hope to have twelve tournaments the first year out there including High School District Tournaments, Daytona State College, and Girls Fast Pitch.


Discussed again the negative aspects of leasing the Coraci fields to the Siegfried’s for 10 years with exclusive rights.   All agreed that a lease of this type would not be beneficial to the City as we would loose this parks income potential and use of these fields.  A suggestion was made by Mark Bowling to possibly lease Coraci Park for a 5K track/field course. 




Jack stated that there was not really any old business; the Foundation, YMCA, and Memorial Park Stones have no new business.  Jose Rosa commented that very few bricks have been sold for Veterans Park.  Suggested that we get the local Veterans groups involved to sell to their members, at funeral homes, VA Clinics, etc.  Perhaps put together brochures with pictures and give a percentage of the sales back to the organization for selling the bricks once our cost has been met.  There is also information on line under the City’s Parks and Recreation about purchasing these bricks. 



Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

September 28, 2010

Meeting Minutes

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Jack asked if anyone had any new business; no new business. 




Leah asked if we had any type of a flyer with the maps of the City’s Parks and where they are located and what types of activities could be found at each location.  Sue replied that these are on line and categorized by activity, but we do not have any printed maps.  Sue also mentioned that the City won an award at the FRPA convention in Orlando for our Web Site.  This web site was created by Steve Wolf, who is our Parks and Recreation Superintendent, when we lost our web master.  Steve stepped up and created this web site from scratch.  Mr. Parker went to Orlando and received the award on behalf of the City.  This is a great honor and at some point this award will be presented to the City Council. 


Mark Bowling said that he has been requested by numerous persons to open an Ultimate Frisbee League to be played on the soccer fields.  If groups want to get this league together we can help them, but they will have to be in charge and run their leagues. 


John Cameron expressed his dissatisfaction with how the YMCA bid process was handled.  He had heard about this proposal at a budget workshop where the Finance Director made a casual comment that he was soliciting to privatize the Athletic portion of the Parks and Recreation.  This was very poorly handled; additionally no documentation was made available prior to it being discussed at the special meeting to council.  This information was available three to four months before the proposal was put together then handed out at the last minute to the council, who were not able to look at it properly at the special meeting.  Additionally their proposal fees were not feasible; employees were frightened of loosing their jobs; then the Parks department was taxed with chiseling out another $45,000 of their 

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

September 28, 2010

Meeting Minutes

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budget to match the YMCA’s proposal.  John was very upset and disappointed the Advisory board was not involved in the process or discussions before this went before the Council.  Jack agreed that was a very valid point and at our next presentation to council that this be noted.  Part of the duties of the Advisory board is not to make a decision but we are an advisory board to recommend.  Recommendation is to have a Council member stop in at the Advisory Board meetings or have one assigned to be a board member.  Jack will make his Advisory Board presentation to City Council on November 3, 2010. 



Chairman Jack Wiles asked for a Motion to adjourn be made at 6:47 p.m.:                    


Motion made by Leah and seconded by Jose Rosa.  Motion carried by 5 to 0 vote.






                                                          Chairman Jack Wiles