A meeting of the Golf Course Board of Directors was held on July 26, 2011 and was convened at 4:31 p.m.


Present at the meeting:                                     Allen Green, Mayor/Board Member                                                                     Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager/Board                                                             Member           

                                                                        Ricardo Catarino, KemperSports

Michael Collins, KemperSports

                                                                        Dennis Pickavance, KemperSports

                                                                        Matthew Jones, Assistant City Attorney                                                                                     Joyce Dombrowski, Recording Secretary


Consideration of Minutes:


A motion was made by Ken Parker, seconded by Allen Green, to approve the minutes of the June 28, 2011 meeting.  The motion carried 2-0 by voice vote. 


  1. Financial Report


Michael Collins, KemperSports, presented the financial report for the month of June, 2011:  total revenue was $113,154, budgeted was $121,135, prior year was $114,203.  Cost of goods was 38%, budgeted was 36.78%, prior year was 39.07%.  Total payroll was $58,433; budgeted was $57,292, prior year was $61,945.   Total expenditures was $33,740, budgeted was $37,372, prior year was $57,969.  Net income was -$15,103, budget was -$9,227, prior year was -$30,090.  Total rounds were 3,797, budgeted was 3,525, prior year was 3,178.  Mr. Parker asked why the course is producing fewer dollars per round than was budgeted for.  Mr. Collins stated some of it has to do with the rounds mix and fact that the price per round was lowered to remain competitive.  Mr. Collins remarked that they have budgeted for a loss in the months of July, August, and September.  Mr. Catarino stated that year to date the average green fee/cart fee is down about $0.97 and food/beverage is down about $0.64.  A discussion was held regarding different promotions the course could offer to bring in more business.   Creating or hosting more leagues, summer camps, golf clinics, health fairs, and hosting car or boat shows were among options that were suggested.  Mr. Parker suggested holding events throughout the upcoming year to celebrate the course’s 20th anniversary in 2012. 


A motion was made by Ken Parker, seconded by Allen Green, to approve financial report.  The Motion carried.


  1. Evaluation Report


Mr. Collins remarks that there have been improvements ranging from minor to dramatic due to precipitation and improving conditions on the course.  He has been in discussions with Mr. Cinefro regarding the golf cart replacement bids and trying to speed up the process.  The specifications are ready and delivery usually takes two to three months once the bid has been accepted and the order placed.  A color scheme has been chosen for the wall covering/sound barrier in the restaurant and the company has been out to measure.  The vendor recommends going three feet above the chair rail and two to three feet below the chair rail for maximum results.

A motion was made by Ken Parker, seconded by Allen Green, to approve evaluation report.  The motion carried 2-0 by voice vote.


Other Business:


Mr. Catarino reported the course has won the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Golf Club in Volusia County, which is a testament to the hard work of all the employees of the course.  Mr. Collins remarked the staff is diligently working and keeping the level of service up even though there are less staff members available.  The walking bridge on 4 has been blocked off.  Mr. Pickavance asked if he has authorization to remove the bridge.  Mr. Parker stated the City’s insurance department has already recommended removing it if it is unsafe.       


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.




                                                                        Allen Green, Board Member