A meeting of the Golf Course Board of Directors was held on February 22, 2011 and was convened at 4:33 p.m.


Present at the meeting:                                     Allen Green, Mayor and Board Member                                                                            Kenneth W. Parker, City Manager

  and Board Member      

                                                                        Margaret Roberts, City Attorney

John Shelley, Finance Director

                                                                        Ricardo Catarino, KemperSports

                                                                        Michael Collins, KemperSports

                                                                        Carole Thomas, Recording Secretary



A motion was made by Allen Green, seconded by Ken Parker, to approve the minutes of the January 25, 2011 meeting.  The Motion carried.


Mr. Collins presented the Financial Report for January 31, 2011.  Total revenue for the month was $149,121 with a budget of $145,498, exceeding budget by $3,623. The prior year revenue was $117,211, exceeding prior year by $31,910.  Payroll was $61,524, budget was $58,454, coming over budget by $3,070. Payroll for the prior year was $61,132.  This year’s payroll was over slightly from last year’s budget by $392.  Total operating expenses for the month were $33,392 budget was $32,842 with the month being slightly over budget by $550.  The prior year’s operating expenses were $41,285 for January finishing under January of last year by $7,893.   Mr. Collins stated the reason a portion of the labor amount was higher was due to the Assistant Golf Pro being out sick all week and also other staff vacation time.  As a result, additional staff had to be brought in to cover the shifts.


Mr. Collins reported the month finished up with $38,512, budget was $39,945, finishing slightly under budget by $1,433.  Prior year was $4,605, exceeding prior year by $33,907. 


Total Rounds for the month of January was 4,645 v. a budget of $4,379, beating budget by 266 rounds and prior year, there were 3,686 rounds, beating prior year by 959 rounds for January, 2011.


Mayor Green commented there appears to be a lot of traffic in the area even after race week and asked if there is a plan in place to try and attract their business.  Mr. Collins stated they draw contacts from a data bank and distribute emails notifying people about the competitive rates at the golf course.  In addition, flyers are distributed throughout the golf course.  Mr. Collins stated from the first Tee time until 3:00 p.m. the golf course is very busy.  Mayor Green mentioned that the rates at the Venetian Bay golf course are well beyond the rates at Cypress Head.   Mr. Collins reported the Valentine’s evening event went very well with 75 people participating and he reported there would be a St. Patrick’s Day event in March as well. 


With regard to the Alcohol policy as discussed at the January 25, 2011 meeting, Mr. Catarino stated there was a meeting held with management in Chicago.  As a result, a revised memo would be distributed to staff waiving the rule of not allowing staff who worked or were scheduled to work to consume alcohol on the premises.  The staff would be required to go home after their shift and change out of their uniform before returning to the premises. 


A motion was made by Ken Parker, seconded by Allen Green, to approve the Financial Report.  The Motion carried.



The Evaluation report was given by Mike Collins.  Mr. Collins stated he felt some points in the Evaluation Report were improved over the prior month and some remained the same.   Mr. Collins mentioned the Pro Shop has been doing very well for the last 10 to 11 months.  He stated the Pro Shop has recently won an award, voted “best in the community”. He also stated the budget has been exceeded in this department by 22% and over 200% in the prior year.  The sales in the Pro Shop have been growing every month and he is seeing the same trend in February.


Mr. Collins reported on Item #7, the Entrance and Cart Barn. He reported there has been extensive cleaning, pressure washing, replacing the dated furniture and landscaping improvements.  The landscaping improvements were done at no cost due to the rose beds being relocated from the maintenance bay.


Mr. Collins reported on the Tee Conditions as being very healthy and strong but there needs to be special attention given to the Tee boxes during the off season in order to approve the overall appearance.  Mr. Collins reported the Fairways are in very good shape for this time year and he had received many compliments.


Mr. Collins reported the golf course conditions have stayed very high and improved a couple of percentage points.  As reported last month, the rest rooms have been improved in addition to improving the cart paths and all scheduled work has been completed.  Mayor Green asked who had completed the work and if our specifications were followed.  Mr. Collins responded Billy Sparks was the contractor and the work was done within the City’s specifications.


Mr. Catarino reported the bunkers continue to need some attention and that an investment would be needed in the near future to improve conditions.  Mayor Green asked what would need to be done to improve conditions.  Mr. Catarino stated the sand becomes contaminated and would need to be replaced and also address the recession of some of the edges. 


Mr. Collins reported on the Golf Cart Fleet report.  Due to the age of the golf cart fleet, the battery life is starting to cause some repairs.  Mayor Green asked how much longer the cart would last after a battery has been replaced.  Mr. Collins reported there are several factors included in determining the life expectancy of the golf cart such as suspension, driving habits, etc.  Mayor Green asked what is the cost and life expectancy a golf cart.  Mr. Collins stated the cost of a new cart is approximately $5,000 and there are 75 carts in the fleet.  Mr. Catarino stated a cart averages a 20 year life expectancy but the turn around is usually around 4 years.  However, based on the decision made last year, carts are now turned around in 5 years.  Mr. Catarino stated the two most frequent major repair issues are battery failure and maintenance of brakes and brake cables. Mayor Green asked if the fleet was aging at the same time.  Mr. Catarino stated they are being rotated to assure they are getting the same amount of use.  Mr. Collins stated almost, if not all of the projects that were started on about a year ago have been completed. 



Mr. Parker mentioned that some golfers were congregating at Hole #2 due to attempts to complete the hole in less strokes than what it was designed for.  Mr. Collins reported Hole #2 is a very slow hole and it is designed for 3 strokes.  Mr. Collins stated it was decided that during the rest of the season, to start golfers off the back 9 which spaces out the golfers better and gives a more fluid feeling.  Mayor Green asked what information is given to golfers who have never played the course.  Mr. Parker stated there is a Yardage book which which shows the yardage for each hole and how to play each hole.


A motion was made by Ken Parker, seconded by Allen Green, to approve the Evaluation Report.  The Motion carried.


Other Business:


Mr. Catarino stated the Alcohol policy was already discussed and he had talked earlier with Mr. Edington today. Mayor Green stated it is a calming factor for staff to know that management is trying to work with them and is flexible.  Mr. Catarino stated he expressed to Mr. Edington that it was not the intent to cause any anxiety. 


Meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p.m.




                                                                        Allen Green, Board Member