City of Port Orange, Florida

General Employee’s Pension Plan

Annual Employee Update

Port Orange City Hall - City Council Chambers

1000 City Center Circle

April 26, 2012; 11AM

The Port Orange General Employee’s Pension Committee will hold its annual employee information update. All Pension Members and Public are invited to attend at the above time and location. The following is the agenda for this meeting:

I – Call to Order

     Chairman – John Shelley               Donna Steinbach         Sonya Laney    Deborah Trainer                                                           Robert Ford              Kent Donahue             Shirley Treon

II – Introduction – John Shelley

III – Plan Status Financial Discussion - as of and for the fiscal year ending 9/30/11 and the six months ending 3/31/12 – Dave Leonard, Actuary       

IV- Investment Discussion - Status to date and future projections Jeff Swanson

V – Update from Salem Trust – Cindy Farrow

VI – Update from Benefits USA- Mei Feng.

VII – Discussion Topics

              A - What is the Deferred Retirement Option Plan(DROP) all about it and how does it work?

              B - Review of the new “Plan Summary”

              C - If you have a question; Ask a Committee Member.

  D - How to start the retirement process

VIII   -  Questions from Members

IX     -  Committee Members Closing Comments

X      -  Adjournment


Please Note: The above meeting will be videoed and recorded for subsequent viewing by POGTV.