Customer Service: Tips for Customer Leaks
Leaks may run consistently or sporadically. In a month, a leak can result in thousands of gallons of water consumption that may not always be visible on the property. If you believe you may have a leak, check for leaks often to catch sporadic leaks. The following are steps you may take to detect leaks early.

Download our "Leak Pamphlet" under Rates and Forms.

How to Measure a Leak
  • Check your toilets. Food coloring is a great toilet leak detector. Place food coloring in your toilet tank. Do not flush. Wait at least 15-20 minutes. If the toilet bowl water changes colors, then there is a leak in the toilet. Consider exchanging the flapper or calling a plumber.

Faucets, Hot water heaters, Water Softeners
  • Check your home for dripping faucets. Replace worn out faucets. Check your outside spigots and make sure they are shut off when not in use.
  • Check for leaky hot water heaters. They may also raise your electric bill. Maintenance can save you money.
  • If you have a water softener, check it on a routine basis. Softeners can leak and go unnoticed.

Sprinkler Heads
  • Sprinkler systems can leak just like any other water system. These should be checked often. Some sprinklers are on a separate meter and can be checked exactly the way you check the meter that goes to your house.
  • Sprinkler heads to make sure that none of them are broken off. On a dry day, check each zone to see if the grass is greener or wetter than other zones.
  • Please note that depending on your property, you may be watering with either reclaimed water or potable water.

  • If you own a pool, your bills may fluctuate according to your water usage. Please be conscientious about water conservation. For major repairs, please submit a repair bill and a sewer adjustment request form under Rates and Forms.

Hidden Leaks
  • Turn off all faucets in your house.
  • Locate the meter on your property. It is usually located in the front of your house near the curb. Remove the lid. Clear the dirt with a trowel and spray with water to clean the face of the meter. The meter reads like the odometer on your car. Look at the water meter. Water running through the meter to the property will be indicated by meter register.
  • If the numbers or a small dial/triangle on the meter are spinning, then water is running through the meter and there may be a leak on the property. Consider checking your plumbing under the home or contacting a professional.
  • After you have fixed any leaks on the property, you may submit a "Sewer Adjustment" form to our office for adjustments to the sewer portion of your irregular bill. Please attach repair bills to your request. Please pay the bill as regular while waiting on adjustments. Credits will be posted to future bills.
  • For an extremely large irregular bill, payment plans are available in our office under management approval.

Water Theft
  • In very rare cases, there have been reports of water theft. If you believe someone may be stealing water from you property please report it with the police.
  • Consider purchasing locks for your outer faucets.
  • Consider purchasing a lock for the meter. If you decide to purchase a lock please fill out a “Meter Lock Request” form under Rates and Forms.

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