Customer Service: Frequently Asked Questions
Top of Page ^How to read my water bill
Bills are issued monthly according to your billing cycle. Please see Rates and Forms for more information about availability charges and current rates.

Top of Page ^Past due bills and late payments
Bills are due when rendered. After 30 days of statement date, a $10 late charge is applied to account.

Payments received after the disconnection date are subject to a $40 delinquency fee. Please see "My water was disconnected for non-pay" below for more information.” To avoid disconnection on past due balances do not drop off payments, please call or stop by to make a payment.

Top of Page ^Problems with mail, returned checks
If you experience problems or delays through the postal service, you may also sign up for e-billing to receive a bill statement alert via email through ouronline payment website or through our office.

If you do not receive a printed bill you may also view your statement through our online payment website available 24 hours a day or call our office during business hours (386) 507-5720.

Payments received after the due date are subject to late penalties. For direct payment to our office, please visit Pay My Utility Bill for more information.

Top of Page ^My water was disconnected for non-pay
Ten days after the past due date, your bill is subject to disconnection. You must contact us via phone or in person in order to reconnect your service. 

You will be subject to a delinquency fee of $40. To re-connect service you must have a zero balance. This includes any fees or outstanding bills that have been rendered, not just the past due balance.

Same day service is available before 2pm.

Top of Page ^What if my payment doesn't go through?
Payments made from invalid or insufficient accounts will be assessed returned charges and the payment must be resubmitted. For more information please see Ordinance Sec. 2-238 under Rates and Forms. Contact us immediately to avoid disruption in service.

Three returned payments constitutes cash only status.

Returned payments from past due or delinquent accounts will be disconnected without notice and subject to additional fees.

Top of Page ^Meter Tampering
Tampering with a meter is illegal. Once you have been disconnected, if you tamper with the meter or use water illegally, your meter will be removed and you will be subject to fees of $105 or more.

Top of Page ^What is normal water consumption?
Normal water consumption per person per household is between 2-3 thousand gallons a month. For more information, please see our resolution or water and sewer rates under Rates and Forms.

Top of Page ^Why is my water bill so high?
A leaky toilet or faucet can result in thousands of gallons in water consumption on your monthly bill. Underground leaks, may not be visible.

See Tips for Customer Leaks for information on detecting leaks on your property.

Top of Page ^Can I get an adjustment if I fill my pool?
The City allows for one pool-fill sewer adjustment per year. Please submit a Sewer Adjustment form to our office for adjustments to the sewer portion of your irregular bill. Verification of the pool fill is required. You may attach a letter from a pool company. You may also request a meter reading before and after the pool fill for $40. Sewer adjustments forms are located under Rates and Forms.

Top of Page ^Is my meter broken?
Broken water meters will show zero water consumption. If no consumption shows on your bill, please contact us so that we can replace your meter.

If your water bill seems high, please see Why is my water bill so high? under FAQ.

Top of Page ^I got a white tag on my door.
If your account shows irregular consumption, we will leave a white tag on your door to notify you that you may have a leak on your property. Please refer to Tips for Customer Leaks for more information.

Top of Page ^Report meter leaks, water line leaks, water pressure or sewage backup problems.
Please see Public Utilities Important Phone Numbers

Top of Page ^Drinking water questions
If you are having problems or questions about your drinking water, please contact Public Utilities at 386-506-5770.

Top of Page ^What is Reclaimed Water?
Reclaimed water is highly processed reuse water. It can be safely used to irrigate residential lawns. Do not drink, wash your car or sidewalk, or let your pets or family play with reclaimed water. For more information call 386-506-5750, option 4.

Top of Page ^Watering Restrictions
Please visit for information.

Top of Page ^Used cooking oil drop-off
Used cooking oil is now accepted at the reclaimed water plant at 817 Oak St.

Top of Page ^Garbage Pickup
For special garbage pickup or to report a missed pickup, contact Waste Pro at 386-492-8855.

For garbage pick up days, click here

The City of Port Orange does not require garbage bins.

Recycling bins are provided free of charge to customers. To obtain a recycling bin you may provide proof of service and visit 407 Virginia Ave, 8a.m to 3:30p.m Mon-Fri.

Top of Page ^Should I update my license?
Yes! It is very important that we keep an update copy of your license. If you are obtaining a new state license please send us a copy of your license with your account number and note that you would like to update the license on your account.

If you've changed your name, please see Name Change under FAQ for more information.

Top of Page ^Address or phone number changes
Your billing address and phone number may be changed through the address change request on the back of the bill stub. You may also call us at (386) 506-5720 to make any changes. Our office uses the driver's license number or federal tax ID number on file for the account holder for verification purposes.

Top of Page ^Name Change
If you are recently married, divorced, or have changed your name you may change the name on your account. To change your name we require the following:

  1. Copy of new driver’s license
  2. Copy of appropriate paperwork
    1. Marriage certificate OR
    2. Divorce decree OR
    3. Legal name change document
  3. “Name Change” form signed in our office. You can also download it under Rates and Forms and have it notarized if it’s signed out of the office.
Top of Page ^Transfer of Service
If the account holder is currently deceased, please see Death of account holder under FAQ.

Otherwise, please see Starting Service and Deposits for more information. Deposits are non-transferrable between individuals.

Top of Page ^Death of an account holder
Deposit refunds can only be issued in the name of the account holder. If the account holder is deceased, to change the status of the account or the mailing address we require the following:
  • Copy of Death Certificate
  • Copy of will or letter from court saying that you are in charge of their affairs
  • Copy of your driver's license
  • Service fee and deposit may be required

Please also refer to Terminating Service if applicable.

Top of Page ^Liens
If a property owner defaults on paying more than 2 utility bills, a lien may be issued against the property. Lien charges will apply.

If you are purchasing a property, all liens must be paid in full before water service can begin for a new owner.

Due to monthly availability charges, please be sure to request an updated lien search before closing on a property.

To pay off a lien you may contact the City Clerk's office at (386) 506-5563.

Top of Page ^Bankruptcy
If you have filed under bankruptcy, please send us "Discharge of Debtor" paperwork showing the date that you filed for bankruptcy and call us at (386) 506-5720. You will need to pay a new deposit when you restart service.

Top of Page ^Foreclosure
Please see "Foreclosure" under Terminating Service for more information.

Top of Page ^Problems with the mail
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