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Virtual Inspection Form

  1. Details:
    A virtual inspection allows the inspector to remotely view the site using a webcam controlled by the homeowner or contractor. We are currently using Microsoft Teams to perform virtual inspections. We are offering the following "in-home" virtual inspections at this time: Air conditioning change outs; Water heater change outs; Replacement windows; Other “in-home” inspections deemed appropriate by the Building Official.
  2. Person requesting the building permit inspection.
  3. This is how you will receive your Virtual Inspection meeting invite. Must be the email address of the person who will be conducting the virtual inspection.
  4. List the address associated with the building permit.
  5. List the virtual inspection(s) needed. Include any other information you think the inspector should be aware of.
  6. List the requested date you would like the inspection to be held and the time frame. Please allow for a 2-hour window. Subject to availability. Inspections will not be held after 3:00 PM. (Example: March 27, 2020 from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
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