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Building Permit Application



    1. Building Permit Form Header Image
    2. Construction Value over $2,500 / Mechanical Construction Value over $7,500?*
    3. In detail, describe the scope of work.

    4. Upload completed Notice of Commencement Form.
    5. Are you hiring a contractor?*
      Please select "YES" if you are a contractor.
    6. PLEASE TYPE YOUR INITIALS to verify that you agree and acknowledge that the OWNER/BUILDER affidavit for is REQUIRED and must be signed IN PERSON and NOTARIZED by an employee of the City of Port Orange Building Division.
    7. * This field accepts letters only. If your state license number does not have letters, type FL.
    8. * Please enter the numeric value of your state license number here.
    9. Are there any subcontractors?*
    10. Select All that Apply*
    11. Select the property's Flood Zone Designation*
      If the property is located in the A, AE, AH, V, or VE Flood Zones, a supplemental Special Flood Zone Hazard Building Permit Application is required. (See the links provided below for Flood Zone Map and supplemental Special Flood Zone Hazard Building Permit Application, as required.)
    12. I understand that my building permit application will not be processed if the supplemental Special Flood Zone Hazard Building Permit Application is not submitted (if required):*
    13. Select Permit(s) Applying For:
      *** Other permits requiring a survey must be submitted in person.
      1) Applications for sidewalk sales must be submitted AT LEAST ONE WEEK in advance of the requested sale. 2) A banner sign, if desired in conjunction with the sale, requires a separate temporary sign permit. 3) Merchandise display shall be located on the sidewalk or in an area outside the normal limits of the parking or traffic areas.
    15. A business is limited to FOUR sidewalk sales per each calendar year.
    16. Application must be accompanied by a sketch of the property, delineating the sidewalk sale display area.
    17. Are you the Business Owner?*
    18. If the application is submitted by someone other than the business owner, a letter of authorization from the business owner must accompany the application.
    19. Provide description of work.
    20. Provide description of work.
    21. Leave Existing Equipment?*
      On existing equipment: Make and Model number are only required for components proposed to remain on site. Condenser or A.H.U. replacement only (partial system): provide verification of energy rating documentation from ARI or another independent testing agency, manufacturers support documentation, or Florida-registered professional engineer verification, as per FBCEC C101.4.7 and R101.4.7.
    22. Duct Work?*
    23. Change Out?*
    24. Upload the required AHRI document.
    25. Upload the required (engineer sealed) attachment detail document.
    26. Upload any additional documents deemed necessary.
    27. Provide description of work.
    28. Select Applicable Items*
    29. Roof Type*
    30. Replace Skylights?*
    31. Provide complete product approval information for Skylights.
    32. Submit Required 3rd Party or Private Provider Documents
    33. Submit any other necessary documentation
    34. Provide description of work. Please note that Shutters and Hurricane Panel applications are required to be submitted in person.
    35. Are you applying for a Shutter or a Hurricane Panel?*
    36. Select Applicable Items
    37. Upload complete product approval information.
    38. Upload complete product approval information.
    39. Submit Floor Plan or Layout showing location of windows or doors being replaced.
    40. Provide description of work.
    41. Upload complete product approval information for garage doors.