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Community Development

  1. Building Permit Application

    This form is used for ALL PERMIT TYPES except Tree permits and must be completed as part of a complete submittal.

  2. Notice of Commencement

    Submit a Notice of Commencement

  3. Tree Removal Application

    This form is used for Tree Removal and required document submittal

  1. Building Permit Application: New Construction + Utility Application

    For New Construction with Utility Applications only.

  2. Owner / Builder Affidavit

    required for owner / builder application submittal


  1. Compliment a Department or Employee

    Please provide any feedback you wish or let us know how our employees are doing!

  1. Emails for Quarterly Newsletter

    The City of Port Orange delivers the Quarterly Newsletter via email to all residents that receive their utility bill electronically. If... More…


  1. Provide Feedback or Compliment an Officer

    Please provide any feedback you wish or let us know how our Officers are doing. You may leave officer compliments here or let us know... More…

Public Utilities

  1. Availability Request Form

    Request to see if City utility services are available at your address


  1. Port Orange University Application

    Use this form to apply for the Port Orange citizens' academy.