What is a precautionary "Boil Water Notice"?

A "Boil Water Notice" is an official public notification that is  required by law, informing those affected to boil their water that is  used for cooking or drinking for one to three minutes as a precautionary  measure. During this time, our staff collects water samples in the  affected area, and performs bacteriological tests to determine that the  water is safe to drink. While the "Boil Water Notice" is in effect, the  water may be used for bathing and similar purposes. The "Boil Water  Notice" will usually be hand delivered in the form of a paper flyer, but  may be issued via TV, radio and newspapers when large areas are  impacted. The notice will be in effect until a flyer or media broadcast  is issued, informing the affected public that the "Boil Water Notice"  has been rescinded. Contact us at 386-506-5750 for more information.

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