What is the roofing inspection process for the City of Port Orange

Contractor roofing inspection process
1st inspection consists of three inspections all scheduled together.
In-progress (consists of inspector picking up the completed inspection nailing affidavit)
No shingles should be installed at this point.

2nd inspection

Owner-builder roofing inspection process

1. Remove old roofing material, re-nail roof with 8d ring shank nails 6inches on center (per table R908.7.1.2 Florida building code residential), schedule in-person status inspection to be performed by city staff or vendors. After inspection passes, cover roof with approved underlayment and install needed flashing and drip edge.
2. Schedule dry-in and flashing inspections, no shingles/metal roofing are to be installed at this point. Once this inspection has passed, then install final roofing material
3. Schedule final inspection once all final roofing material has been installed, dumpster removed, and site cleaned up.
4. Owner-builders roof inspections may be done in partials to avoid open plywood exposed to weather

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9. What is the roofing inspection process for the City of Port Orange