Is garbage service changing or cancelling?

There is NO change to garbage service for residential residents.  If commercial businesses are closed due to COVID-19, they can request a reduction in service. To request, please email customer service at: [email protected].

To assist our commercial businesses through this tough time, we are going to offer the following thru May 31, 2020:

Commercial Businesses with Dumpster Services:

  • If the business is operating at reduced capacity (restaurants offering take out only, hotels, etc.), the business can request a reduced service to 1 time per week. We are not changing dumpster sizes at this time. Their bills would reflect a reduction to once/week service charge. 
  • If the business is not operating at all due to COVID-19, we will suspend their service and we will not pick up the dumpster. Their bills will not reflect any charge for garbage service. When requested, service will return to normal and billed accordingly.
  • Dumpsters will not be serviced as a “will-call”.


Commercial Businesses with Cart or Hand Services:

  • If the business is open, no change in service, no change in billing.
  • If the business is completely closed, they can request a suspension of service. Suspending service will suspend the charges for garbage and garbage will NOT be collected. Water service can remain, but we should recommend they put their water service on a vacation status as well. Suspension can be for up to 30 days or until the virus pandemic is passed or until the business reopens for service.


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