Are parks closed?

All playgrounds, splash pads, the skate park, pickleball courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts and the Seemor Memorial Dog Park are closed until further notice, in an effort to maintain social distancing. The following locations include:

1. City Center Sports Complex (both)
2. Coraci
3. Willow Run
4. Southwinds
5. Airport Road (both playgrounds, and exercise equipment)
6. Skate Park at Gym
7. All Children’s Park
8. Spruce Creek Road Park
9. Larry Haines
10. All Children’s Splash Pad
11. Riverwalk
12. Riverwalk Splash Pad
13. Buschman
14. Buschman exercise equipment

  • Parks WILL remain open for people to use while practicing social distancing and for personal fitness.
  • Public restrooms WILL CLOSE in all parks except for Causeway Park and the Riverwalk Park North
  • Sandy Point at Riverwalk Park WILL remain open.
  • The Causeway boat ramps and fishing piers WILL remain open, as long as people are social distancing and not congregating in groups of 10 or more.
  • Cypress Head Golf Club WILL remain open. The Governor has determined golfing to be an essential activity and as such, we will be keeping our golf course open.  We will authorize golfers to play with ONE person per cart or walking unless otherwise requested.  

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