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Posted on: June 9, 2022

City to Receive $750,000 in State Funding for its Sewer System Rehabilitation Pipelining Project

old and new pipe lining graphic

The city is thrilled that it will receive $750,000 in State funding for the Fiscal Year 2022-2023, to assist with the cost of the city’s sewer system rehabilitation project.

The Sewer System Rehabilitation project, which is part of the city’s ongoing Capital Improvement Program (CIP), includes the lining of sanitary sewer pipes at numerous locations throughout the city.  Aging pipelines can allow groundwater to enter the sewage collection system and place an increased burden on the piping and a treatment facility.  By reducing the amount of groundwater and rainwater flow entering the collection system, overflows can be minimized. These potential overflows could pose a health hazard to residents and wildlife.  Pipelining is an alternative to replacing the entire pipeline.  It inserts a liner into the existing pipe, extending the life of the pipe and reducing disturbances to the neighborhoods.  It also reduces the cost by eliminating the restoration costs incurred during pipe replacements.
**Below is a graphic showing what an old pipe looks like compared to what it looks like after it has been repaired with a new lining.

old and new pipe lining graphic

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