1. A graphic showing no to panhandling

    5 Things You Should Know About Panhandling

    Know the 5 things you should know about panhandling Read on...
  2. A graphic showing the Riverwalk Property area in Port Orange to show where the trees will be cleared

    Tree Clearing on Riverwalk Property

    Halifax River Partners (HRP) will be clearing the existing trees on HRP’s property, located in the River District, east of S. Ridgewood Avenue, between Ocean Avenue and Herbert Street. Read on...
  3. A photo of a panhandling sign that are being put up in locations around the city to educate citizens

    Panhandling Signs Around the City

    Over the last couple of weeks, the City has been putting up signs about not supporting panhandling. The installation of these signs are located in various locations around the city and will continue. Read on...
  4. A photo of City Manager Jake Johansson and Police Chief Tom Grimaldi at the WSBB radio station to di

    WSBB radio segment on Panhandling

    Port Orange City Manager, Jake Johansson and Port Orange Police Chief, Tom Grimaldi on air with WSBB, (1230 AM and 106.9 FM), talking about panhandling. To hear the radio segment, please click on the following link: Read on...
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