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As of 5pm on Friday, March 10, 2023 the City of Port Orange will no longer be accepting building permit applications through the City's online form.  Applicants will be able to use the City's new Online Portal to apply for permits online, request inspections on active permits, and make payments.


Well what is SmartGov? 

The City of Port Orange’s Online Portal (Smartgov)  is your one stop shop for all your permitting needs. You will be able to submit permits with a click of a button. You can watch live updates of the status of your permit. When the permit is completed you will be able to pay and print the permit right from your homes or office. No more paper copies. 

What all can you do on City of Port Orange Online Portal(SmartGov)?

  1. Apply for certain Permits, Licenses, and Zoning Approvals
  2. Submit Digital Stamped drawings and other documents for review
  3. Pay permit fee
  4. Request an inspection
  5. Look up pending applications, issued permits, and inspection results 
  6. Review parcel information

Getting Started

  1. Owner Builders

In you have an active permit in Port Orange please submit a request to get your access number. 

Click Here to Submit Request

If not please proceed with  Creating an Account

If you are pulling a permit as an Owner Builder, you will still need to bring in the Owner Builder Affidavit.

  1. Contractors
  1. Realtors/ Insurance agents
Click Here to create an account

Help Center 

Your one stop shop for everything Related to Smartgov. Take the Training Classes to learn how to use our new system.

Creating an account

Submitting a permit

Managing your permit

Paying for a permit

Scheduling an inspection



Engineers, Architects, and Surveyors can easily email the contractors Digitally Signed and Sealed Drawings as PDFs. Digitally Signed and Sealed Plans must be uploaded in their original digital format. Scanned Digitally Sealed Plans will not be accepted as scanning removes the digital signature and seal.

Every engineered drawing uploaded for review to the City of Port Orange SmartGov Portal must have a Digital Seal and Signature combo. All design professionals will also need to have their identity authenticated by a third-party Certification Authority per State Statue 471.025 and Florida Administrative Code 61G15-23.003.


Smartgov Training Help Desk

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