City-wide Targeted Business Program

Targeted Business City CD Headliner

Types of Businesses Included

  • Marina
  • Full-service hotel with conference center (500+ capacity)
  • College/University
  • Aviation operations
  • Professional sports operations
  • Entertainment industry operations
  • Regional distribution facility
  • Fortune 500 company
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Master Developers for Riverwalk/Causeway/Down Under CRA districts
  • Master Developer for Eastport CRA
  • Commercial or industrial ventures promising extensive value-added jobs
  • Others referenced in the City’s Vision Statement and others supported by Ordinance of Council

Incentives Available

  • Waive fees for applications, permits, inspections
  • Grants/loans 
  • Water/Sewer impact fee credit/deferral
  • Wetland mitigation
  • Engineering, landscaping, surveying, architectural design services
  • Pre-permitted sites
  • Dollars for value added jobs
  • Utility cost-sharing
  • Expedited review and approval

Factors to Consider for Awarding Incentives to Targeted Businesses

  • Number of jobs
  • Number of value added jobs
  • Average wage
  • Type of business venture
  • How business addresses critical needs in the city
  • Location of business
  • Value of construction
  • Significance of improvements
  • Anticipated tax revenue
  • Multiplier implications on local economy
  • Health of economy
  • Availability of funds
  • Others deemed essential by Council

 [Land Development Code, Ch. 20(k)(1)]

Contact the Community Development Planning Department for more information: By phone (386) 506-5601 or email