Unaltered Animal Permit

As previously noted, there are some exceptions within Sec. 10-19. - Mandatory spay or neuter (Code of Ordinances), which allow for ownership of an unsterilized dog or cat.  If your dog or cat meets one of the exceptions, you must first apply for an Unaltered Animal Permit.  A license tag for an unsterilized dog or cat can only be obtained after the Unaltered Animal Permit is approved and issued.  If approved, the Unaltered Animal Permit shall be valid for the life of the dog or cat, provided the animal remains qualified for the exception.  As a condition of obtaining an Unaltered Animal Permit, the owner of an eligible cat or dog must have the animal implanted with an identifying microchip and the owner must provide the microchip number with the application for the Unaltered Animal Permit. This requirement shall not apply to hunting, herding and sporting dogs. An Unaltered Animal Permit holder shall notify the city of any change of ownership of an unaltered dog or cat within 30 calendar days.  The application process is as follows:

Submit forms electronically to: [email protected]


To print the required forms to mail or bring into our office, please follow the directions below:

1. Complete a separate Unaltered Animal Permit application for each animal.

Unaltered Animal Permit Application

2. Owners of herding and hunting dogs must complete the oath and have it notarized.

Hunting or Herding Dog Oath
Show and Competition Animal Oath

3. If you mail your application, include all requested information:
__ Completed unaltered permit application form for each animal
__ A copy of the microchip certificate for each dog.
__ A copy of appropriate documentation (registry, letter from veterinarian, or proof of litter)
__ Original notarized oath (if applicable)
__ A self-addressed, stamped envelope

Mail to:

Animal Control Unit

Port Orange Police Dept.

4545 Clyde Morris Blvd.

Port Orange, FL 32129

4. If you bring your application to the office, please bring:
__ Completed unaltered animal permit application forms
__ Microchip certificates
__ Required documentation (registry, original notarized oath, letter from veterinarian, or proof of litter)