COVID-19: Temporary Restaurant Re-Opening Procedure

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In accordance with Governor DeSantis’ Executive Order 20-244, issued  September 25, 2020, restaurants are permitted to allow on-premises consumption of food and beverage so long as they adopt appropriate social distancing measures, with no limits on indoor occupancy. In addition, temporary outdoor seating is permissible with appropriate social distancing.

Understanding that the business community has questions regarding the impact to
operations, the City has prepared this flier to provide additional guidance.


  • The maximum size of any party shall be limited to ten persons per table.
  • Tables shall be at least 6 feet apart from other tables (measured from all edges of the table).
  • Restaurants are encouraged to use disposable menus or clean menus after each use.
  • All indoor restrooms shall be cleaned and sanitized on a more frequent schedule.
  • Points of ingress and egress shall not be blocked for any reason and all ADA requirements must be maintained.
  • Additional guidance from the Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants (DBPR) may be found here: 


To allow for distancing, the City understands that some restaurant establishments will seek alternatives to their existing indoor and outdoor configurations by extending operations to new outdoor areas including sidewalks, parking lots, etc.

In an effort to ensure that that above social distancing guidelines are met while encouraging restaurant establishments to resume operations, the City is providing the following flexible outdoor operations allowances where they may not be permitted by City code otherwise:

  • Permit. A Temporary Outdoor Restaurant Operations Permit application shall be sent via e-mail to or placed in the drop box locations at City Hall. A Building Inspector or Planner will review final setup on-site. Permits are subject to termination by subsequent Executive Order of the Governor or the City Manager.
  • Occupancy. New outdoor operations cannot result in a total occupancy greater than the originally approved occupancy limit for the restaurant.
  • ADA Requirements. No temporary outdoor operations shall be placed on a sidewalk unless an accessible path is available.
  • Life Safety Requirements. There are to be no open flames under any outdoor tented area (including candles, mosquito repellant, tiki torches, etc.). Points of ingress egress shall not be blocked for any reason.
  • Tents. The maximum tent size shall be 10’ X 10’. Any tent size greater than 10’ X 10’ will require a building permit.
  • Traffic & Parking. New outdoor operations cannot interfere with normal vehicular traffic movement for the site which includes fire department access to the building, fire hydrants, and other firefighting equipment, and access from adjacent roadways. Restaurants are to remain in compliance with required parking ratios.
  • Division of Hotels and Restaurants (DBPR). Any related requirements and regulations from the Division of Hotels and Restaurants (DBPR) apply.