Port Orange Capital Infrastructure & Stormwater Needs

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The following list corresponds with the graphic map above:

(Projects shown on the map and described below may not be listed in order of priority.)


Howes Street Stormwater Improvements - Howes Street experiences roadway flooding several times per year.   The goal of this project is to reduce flooding by adding a drainage conveyance system to an area which currently does not have one and increase the quality of stormwater drainage.  The proposed improvements include construction of inlets and piping for treatment and attenuation.


Sleepy Hollow Drainage Improvements - This subdivision contains 177 residential lots and the water shed encompasses approximately 300 acres.  Twenty-seven (27) homes have experienced flooding during heavy rainfall.  The existing drainage system is inadequate.  This project is designed to improve drainage and alleviate flooding.


Halifax River Outfall Replacements - There are currently 14 stormwater discharge outfalls directly to the Halifax River located throughout the City.  Many of these outfalls are constructed of metal pipes which have corroded throughout the years due to the salt water environment.  This project reconstructs the headwalls and replaces the corroded portions of pipe.  In addition, to further reduce flooding due to tidal surcharges, backflow preventers will be installed.


Projects Identified in the Stormwater Master Plan – In 2016, the City began Phase 1 of the Stormwater Master Plan. This evaluation included the Halifax River basin and the North Nova drainage basins.  The master plan has identified numerous projects to reduce flooding in these areas of the City.


Canal View Drive from Nova to Dunlawton – The Nova Canal transitions to the Halifax Canal and runs along the north side of Canal View Drive.  The Halifax Canal is tidally influenced which changes the level of water in the canal often.  The sidewalls of the canal are eroding and causing safety concerns of the integrity of the guardrail which protects traffic.  This project will include analysis, design, and construction of bank hardening, new guardrail installation, and a gutter system to convey stormwater.


Charles Street Drainage Improvements (design) – This project is designed to improve stormwater conveyance, capacity, and reduce potential flooding in the area between Herbert Street, Charles Street, and Oceans Avenue.


City Center Shoreline Stabilization – This project is designed to stabilize the shoreline of the lake behind City Hall.  In addition to eroded outfalls, retaining walls, and sidewalks around the lake will be restored to ensure public safety.  This body of water is the stormwater treatment system for the surrounding area and utilized by numerous residents regularly. 


Tumblebrook Drive Stormwater Improvements – This project is located in Sweetwater Hills.  The subdivision has one, small, isolated stormwater pond to collect all stormwater.  There is no outfall for this pond and the pond is located at the lowest point of the subdivision.  Historically, staff positioned a portable, gas powered pump to alleviate street flooding.  This is inefficient to maintain safe roadways.  This project includes underground piping to convey stormwater by gravity to the conveyance system to the west.  


White Place and Riverside Drainage Improvements (design) – This project will analyze, design, and construct needed improvements to the White Place and Riverside Drive drainage system to improve stormwater storage and conveyance to reduce the potential for flooding.  Improvements will include boring and installation of properly-sized reinforced pipe.


Southwinds Stormwater Pond Outfall Retrofit Phase I – There are two ponds in the Southwinds neighborhood designed to collect and treat stormwater from the area.  The ponds are not equipped with an outfall.  This project involves modification to the existing ponds and provide an outfall system.  This is a two-part project.


Southwinds Stormwater Pond Outfall Retrofit Phase 2 – This is the second phase of construction of the Southwinds Stormwater Pond modifications.


Viking Drive Stormwater Improvements (design) – Presently, the Viking Drive neighborhood does not have a stormwater conveyance or treatment system.  Areas experience standing water which covers the roadway during most rain events.


Powers Avenue at Lemon Street Drainage Improvements (design) – The roadway at the intersection of Powers Avenue and Lemon Street does not have an adequate drainage system.  In addition, due to the existing grade of the intersection, stormwater accumulates causing road flooding, property flooding, and a safety hazard to traffic.  The project will correct the deficiencies including an drainage easement acquisition, if required.


Class Pipe Upgrade PVC to Ductile – In the 1970's, the industry standard for potable water pipe construction was a thin-walled, PVC pipe, called “class pipe”.  Installation of this pipe was often unrestrained.  The City has recently experienced numerous failures in large-diameter “class pipe".  This project will include evaluation, design, and replacement of these large transmission pipelines with ductile iron pipe.