Mobile Home Permit Application Checklist

  • Mobile Home Replacement / Demolition Permit Application  – All relevant information must be provided. This includes, but may not be limited to, contractor information, flood zone, finished floor elevation, dimensions of mobile home, and estimated costs. If subcontractor work (electrical, gas, mechanical, plumbing) will be attached to building permit, appropriate information related to subcontractors, estimated costs, etc. must be provided on permit application. INCOMPLETE APPLICATION WILL BE RETURNED.
  • (1) Elevation Certificate – Required if mobile home is located in flood zone A, AE, or AH.
  • Mobile Home Subdivision:(2) Surveys – Customer/Contractor may provide 1 original survey and 1 photocopy. Documents shall not be reduced or enlarged. Mobile home must be drawn to same scale as survey with all dimensions clearly indicated.
  • Mobile Home Park:(2) Copies of site plan – Drawn to scale showing: front and side corner setbacks measured form edge of street pavement; rear setback measured from park property line; and, distances between all adjacent structures to rear and sides.
  • (2) Copies of details for anchoring mobile home
  • Tree Permit Application – If construction requires removal of trees.
  • Notice of Commencement Form  – Form must be completed for all permits with value of $2,500 / $7500 for HVAC.