Shed Permit Application Checklist

  • Shed Permit Application Form – All relevant information must be provided. This includes, but may not be limited to, customer/contractor information, flood zone, finished floor elevation, square footage, and estimated cost. If subcontractor work (electrical) will be attached to building permit, appropriate information related to subcontractor, estimated cost, etc. must be provided on permit application. INCOMPLETE APPLICATION WILL BE RETURNED. (Note: Accessory structures cannot be larger than the primary structure.)
  • (2) Surveys – Customer/contractor may provide 1 original survey and 1 photocopy. Documents shall not be reduced or enlarged. Shed must be drawn to same scale as surveys with all dimensions clearly indicated, including proposed setbacks from property lines. (See below.) Special approval requirements exist for a proposed easement encroachment.

Shed Size Required Setbacks

Please contact the Planning Division for setback questions (386) 506-5674.

Residential (120 sq.ft. or less)5’ from property line
Residential (121 to 250 sq.ft.)10’ from rear property line; 10’ from side property line or the required side-yard setback of principal structure, whichever is less
Residential (251 sq.ft. up to < sq.ft. of principal structure)Same setback requirement as the principal structure
Nonresidential (250 square feet or less)10’ from property line

  • (2) Copies of drawings – Signed and sealed by an architect or engineer licensed with the state of Florida, if shed is not pre-fabricated.
  • (2) Copies of manufacturer’s installation manual (if shed is pre-fabricated)  – Electrical Layout (if applicable).
  • Tree Permit Application – If construction requires removal of trees.
  • Notice of Commencement Form  – Form must be completed for all permits with value of $2,500.