Fence Permit Application Checklist

  • Fence Permit Application – All relevant information must be provided. This includes, but may not be limited to, customer/contractor information, how many squares and estimated costs. INCOMPLETE APPLICATION WILL BE RETURNED.
  • (2) Surveys – Customer/contractor may provide 2 copies of original survey to scale. Documents shall not be reduced or enlarged. Proposed fence shall be clearly indicated on surveys.
  • Tree Permit Application – If construction requires removal of trees.
  • Notice of Commencement Form  – Form must be completed for all permits with value of $2,500

NOTE: The Land Development Code has specific height requirements for corner and atypical lots. Contact the Planning Division for further information (386) 506-5674.

Atypical Lot

A lot within a subdivision which, as a result of subdivision design, abuts a street at one end and any of the following at the opposite end:

  • A waterway or body of water, either of which is 100 feet or more in width, including but not limited to the Halifax River and Spruce Creek;
  • A golf course fairway or green within the same subdivision; or
  • A designated common open space area within the same subdivision which is 100 feet or more in width.

Fence Land Development Code Requirements

  • All fences: 5’ from right-of-way and outside visual clearance triangle (LDC, Ch. 16, Sec. 6)
  • Individual single-family and two-family residential lots:
    • Max height - 6’ in rear or side yards, except as provided in subparagraph (e) below; 4’ in required front yards abutting rights-of-way, except as noted below.
    • Corner lots with a secondary front lot line abutting a local street: a 6’ tall privacy fence may be placed up to the front plane of the house.
    • Corner lots with a secondary front lot line abutting an arterial or collector road:  a 6’ tall fence may be place within 5’ of the secondary front lot line.
    • Through lots with a rear lot line abutting the right-of-way line of a local street or arterial or collector road, a privacy fence not to exceed six feet in height may be placed on the rear lot line.
  • Atypical lots:
    • Max height – 4’ within the required rear yard setback, except as provided in subsection (h) below.
    • Chain link fences may not exceed 6’ in height within the rear yard.
  • Nonresidential uses:
    • Max height – 10’ (unless approved as part of a development plan to meet the buffering requirements between different types of uses, per chapter 13, section 3.5)