Project Organization

Project Organization 

Executive Sponsor - Michael Johansson - City Manager
Authorizes,  the start of this project, and is the main project advocate. Will  convey the project vision, help manage expectations of key stakeholders,  and provide support and guidance.

ERP Steering Committee

Steering  Committee members will leverage their experiences, expertise, and  insight in to help guide this project to successful completion. Although  they are not directly responsible for managing project activities, they  will provide valuable support and guidance to those who do.

ERP Executive Committee Members

  • Alan Rosen (Chair)
  • Lori Bockelman
  • Wayne Clark
  • James Hicks
  • Jamie Miller
  • Tracey Riehm

Project Director – Alan Rosen – Assistant City Manager

Will  help to provide clear direction, assist securing project resources, and  having oversight on ensuring that the project links back with our overall strategy.  

Project Manager – Jane Davis

Is  responsible for managing the project and for communicating regularly  with the stakeholders. Provide leadership to the project team and its  associated work to ensure that expected results are obtained.  

Project Teams & Subject Matter Experts
The  people who perform the work and tasks relating to the project. The role  of the project team is to work on project deliverables.