Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping

As much as the aesthetic benefit is that we receive from street sweeping, this is not the main function of the street sweepers.  The main function of the street sweepers is to keep gutters and drainage paths clear for proper water flow during heavy rains to avoid pooling and ponding in the road.

Residential streets will be swept on a bi-monthly basis and the arterial and collector roads are swept on the schedule below.

Arterials & City Facilities, Sweep weekly

•Dunlawton Avenue, 4 lanes (4 curbs Halifax to I-95)

•Dunlawton Avenue (from low bridge to Peninsula Drive)

•Nova Road, 4 lanes (US-1 to North City limits)

•Ridgewood Avenue, 4 lanes (4 curbs, North City limits to South City limits)

•City Hall / Library

•City Center Boulevard

•City Center Circle

•City Center Drive

Collectors, Sweep Bi-weekly

•S. Williamson Boulevard (from Taylor Road to Summer Trees Road)

•Airport Road (curbs, from Anita Street to Martin Dairy Road)

•Clyde Morris Boulevard (Taylor Road to North City Limits)

•Herbert Street (curbs, RR tracks to US-1)

•Jackson Street (curbs, Dunlawton Avenue to Spruce Creek Road)

•Oak Street (curbs, Dunlawton Avenue to Spruce Creek Road)

•Spruce Creek Road (curbs, Nova Road to Taylor Road)

•Victoria Gardens Boulevard

•Taylor Road

•Madeline Avenue

•Allen Green Community Center

•Causeway Park

•Cypress Head Parking Lot


•Public Works / Warehouse

•Riverside Pavilion Park, Chamber of Commerce


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