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Roads & Traffic Control Division maintain the City’s 217 mile road system.  This includes preventive maintenance, resurfacing roadways, and maintenance of signs.

Pavement Maintenance

The Pavement Maintenance activity includes pothole repairs which is a disruption in the roadway surface, preparation of site for repairs due to utility underground repairs, and repair of all asphalt surfaces throughout the City.  

What to Expect during the Paving Process:

  •   Pavers mill the Road.
  •   Pavers tack the road which allows the asphalt to adhere to the surface.
  •   Paving may not take place for a day or so after milling.
  •   The contractor has 3 days to finish cleaning up the area.

* If you experience any issues or if damage, contact the Project Manager Richard Colby at 386-506-5575.

Below is the current street paving list below:          

*Currently Not Paving       

Sidewalk & Curb Maintenance

Sidewalk and curb maintenance service provides a separate, all-weather, hard surface walkway along streets for pedestrian use and contribute to their safety by separating pedestrians from vehicular traffic.

The repair and replacement of sidewalks become a necessity due to intruding underground roots, ground settlement, and aging sidewalks creating trip hazards and other unsafe conditions.

The below list includes sidewalks in progress of repairs for April - Current 2020:

  1. 3454 Country Walk (Countrywalk Sub)
  2. 3431 Country Manor (Countrywalk Sub)
  3. 3449 Country Manor (Countrywalk Sub)
  4. 3437-3441 Country Manor (Countrywalk Sub)
  5. Craig Court @ Hidden Lake Curbing (Willow Run)
  6. 4234 Hidden Lake Dr. Curbing (Town Park)
  7. 4679 Hidden Lake Dr. (Cross Creek)
  8. Houligans to Rehab Center (Victoria Gardens)
  9. 3670 S. Ridgewood (Charles St. side with stump grind)
  10. Westridge Pond (North West Corner)
  11. 835-837 Stonybrook (Dunlawton Hills)
  12. 993 Stonybrook by mailbox (Dunlawton Hills)
  13. 967-975 Stonybrook (Dunlawton Hills)
  14. 809 Long Meadow (Dunlawton Hills)
  15. Long Meadow & Stonybrook (Dunlawton Hills)
  16. Clubhouse along Stonybrook (Dunlawton Hills)
  17. 995 Fox Trace (Dunlawton Hills)
  18. 5434-5438 Durant (Maplewood)
  19. 6113 Zion Circle & Across from (Riverwood)
  20. 6164 Del Rio (Riverwood)
  21. 6181 Yellowstone Dr. (Riverwood)
  22. 6789 Calistoga Circle (Water’s Edge)
  23. 1713 Arash Circle (Waters Edge)
  24. 6394 Nika Court (Water’s Edge)
  25. 946 Timberwood Dr. (Deep Forest)
  26. Tributory &Covendale Curbing (Water’s Edge)

Traffic Control

Services include, but are not limited to, fabrication, installation and maintenance of roadway signs and pavement markings.  Sign Maintenance activity provides directional, information, traffic, roadway and gateway signs to make it easier for residents and visitors to navigate City roadways safely.

This crew also administers an efficient emergency response program for traffic control during road closures and natural disasters.