Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

Policy Statement

 It is the continuing policy of the Port Orange Police Department to be  firmly committed to affording equal employment opportunity to qualified  individuals regardless of race, color, gender, religion, national origin  or disability status throughout the employment practice, including but  not limited to recruiting, hiring training, compensation, benefits,  promotions, transfers, layoffs, discipline and other terms, conditions  and privileges of employment. The department shall continue to provide  its members a viable means for communicating and resolving grievances  and complaints regarding unlawful discriminatory employment practices.  Any employee of the Port Orange Police Department who fails to comply  with this policy is subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

The Port Orange Police Department continues to be committed to making  its workforce profiles more closely reflect the labor force available  not only in the City Of Port Orange, but the Daytona Beach metropolitan  service area as well. The department has established the following  objectives based on the underutilization analysis.

Because females are underutilized in the Protective Services and  Para-professional workforce, it is our goal to increase representation  by evaluating our recruitment and promotional practices to ensure that  females and minorities receive equal opportunity to secure employment  and advancement opportunities. We will review hiring practices and  promotional requirements to ensure no unnecessary barriers exist that  would deny females equal employment opportunity with the agency.  Specifically, the department will continue to try to attract qualified  female (and minority candidates) applicants for the Protective Services  positions.

Although African-American females are underutilized in the two  para-professional positions, these positions are currently filled with  long-standing employees and no vacancy is expected in the near future.  Should a vacancy occur, the department would seek to hire or promote  from within a minority group.

Steps to Achieve Objectives
Recruiting and hiring is a year-round function at the Port Orange Police  Department. We will maintain these ongoing recruitment efforts to hire  and promote females and minority males by:
      • Continuing to advertise employment opportunities on the police department web site.
      • Maintaining intensive recruitment efforts through job fairs and  classroom visits at central Florida colleges (including a local minority  college) and criminal justice training centers.
      • Recruitment literature and displays have been significantly  enhanced and will continue to include photographs depicting uniformed  officers consisting of diverse gender and ethnicity.
      • Continuing to offer opportunities and sponsorships when possible  for females and minorities to be hired as civilian recruits while  attending local police academies.
      • Encouraging and providing training for more females and  minorities to be role models and coaches by becoming field training  officers.
      • Continuing to include career counseling for all employees,  particularly women and minorities, at the annual evaluation conference  and throughout the year.
      • Reviewing selection and promotion for ranking sworn positions to  ensure that these practices do not in any way tend to discriminate or  lessen the opportunity for advancement of women and minority males.
      • Encouraging females and minorities to take advantage of  department training policies that provide for career enhancing courses  and seminars at local Criminal Justice Training Centers, and  reimbursement for college course work.
      • Providing EEO training to supervisors and managers on EEO policies.