Police Officer Positions

You must hold a current law enforcement certificate in the State of  Florida, and meet the minimum requirements identified in Florida State  Statute 943.13 to be hired as a police officer at the Port Orange Police  Department. If you have never attended a law enforcement academy in any  state, you must complete such an academy and pass the state  certification exam.

The closest academy is located at the Daytona Beach State College  Criminal Justice Training Center. If you are a certified law enforcement  officer in another state or the military police, you may be eligible to  transfer your certification to Florida.  

To determine eligibility, you must complete an equivalency of  training assessment. The nearest assessment center is the Police Testing  Center at Brevard Community College. Provided the equivalency of  training is approved, you can complete the "mini-academy" courses at  either the Brevard or Daytona Beach academies. You are then eligible to  challenge the state certification exam.

Applications will be considered from individuals who either already  hold a current law enforcement certificate in Florida, or are currently enrolled in a basic recruit academy or equivalency of training program.  Tattoo Policy states that no personnel will be permitted to have tattoos  on the head, neck, face, or hands, and those areas which encompass the  majority of the surface area between the natural fold of the elbow and  the wrist. Applications may be obtained at the City of Port Orange  personnel office or downloaded from the link below. The document is  approximately 1Mb in size and may take a few moments to retrieve. Thank  you for your interest in the Port Orange Police Department.

Civilian Positions
The Port Orange Police Department has several civilian employment  opportunities available. Please check the job descriptions page for details on each position. Civilian job applications may be obtained from  the City of Port Orange personnel office or downloaded from the link  below. The document is in Adobe Acrobat format and approximately 3.5Mb  in size. It may take a few moments to download. Thank you for your  interest in the Port Orange Police Department.