Hurricane Season Information


Hurricane Season is June 1 - November 30

If a major disaster threatens Central Florida, you may be forced to utilize important emergency supplies, safeguard your home and business, determine how to best care for your loved ones with special needs and pets, and evacuate to a safe area.

Prepare now for hurricane season.

Emergency Preparedness Guides

AM/FM Radio

WNDB 1150AMWVYB 103.3 FM
WKRO 93.1 FMWLOV 99.5 FM
WHOG 95.7 FMJOSE 98.1 FM

WESH Channel 2TELEFUTURA Channel 43
WKMG Channel 6UNIVISION Channel 26
WFTV Channel 9WDSC Channel 15
WCFN News Channel 13WOFL Channel 35