Minimum Requirements

Florida Statute 943.13 describes ten minimum requirements an  individual must meet to become employable as a sworn law enforcement  officer in the State of Florida. The requirements are:

• Be at least 21 years of age

• Be a United States citizen

• Be a high school graduate

• Not have been convicted of any felony, or a misdemeanor involving  perjury or false statement, or have received a dishonorable discharge  from any of the Armed Forces of the United States

• Have documentation of his or her processed fingerprints on file with the employing agency

• Have passed a physical examination performed by a licensed physician

• Have good moral character as determined by a background investigation

• Execute and submit to the employing agency an affidavit, attesting to his or her compliance with the above requirements

• Complete a Commission approved basic recruit training program

• Achieve an acceptable score on the officer certification examination

If you do not meet these minimum requirements, Florida law prohibits the Port Orange Police Department from offering you employment as a  police officer. Some of these requirements cannot be rectified, such as having been convicted of a felony. However, many of them can, such as completing a Commission approved basic recruit training program. As stated in the City of Port Orange employment application, "Should the eligibility list not have candidates of sufficient quality for  employment with certificates, the Chief of Police may sponsor a  candidate to the basic standards school."