Health Insurance

The City of Port Orange offers four insurance options: Two HMO options, one POS option and one high deductible plan. Dental and dependent insurance is also available.    

Life Insurance
The City of Port Orange will enable the employees to insure themselves under a group life insurance plan with the amount available being one times base annual salary rounded to the next higher thousand. The employer will pay the premium.

Pension Plan
The Port Orange Police Department operates a private pension fund. The City of Port Orange maintains the actuarial soundness of the plan, with employees contributing only eight percent of annual salary. Highlights of the plan are listed below.

Normal retirement is 48 years of age with 10 years of credited service.

Early retirement age is 45 years of age with 10 years of credited service. The early retirement benefit is the normal benefit level reduced by 3% for each year by which the participant's age at retirement preceded the normal retirement age.

An insurance supplemental retirement benefit is as follows: $100 per month after 10 years of service. An additional $10 per month for each complete year of service in excess of 10 to a maximum of $100.
Prior Credited Service Buy-Back: Employees may  buy back up to 4 years of prior military or full-time law enforcement  service, provided such service is not associated with another retirement fund.
Full-time patrol officers working 84 hours bi-weekly will earn a minimum of 100 hours vacation time annually.

Other Benefits
• 10 paid holidays annually
• 96 hours sick time annually
• Sick time sell back program
• College tuition reimbursement program
• All necessary equipment provided
• Complimentary YMCA Membership (Tax on membership is about $25 annually)