Victim's Rights

As a crime victim or witness you have rights!

1. To be informed, present and heard, when relevant, at all crucial stages of the criminal proceedings; 

2. If incarcerated, the right to be informed and submit written statements at all crucial stages of the proceedings and parole hearings; 

3. The right to a prompt and timely disposition of the case; 

4. To seek protection from intimidation and harm; 

5. To prepare and submit a victim impact statement to the court that will explain how the crime has affected you and/or your family; 

6. To request and receive restitution from the offender; 

7. The right to be informed about the availability of victim compensation; 

8. The right to have your property returned as quickly as possible; 

9. To review portions of the pre-sentence investigation report completed prior to the sentencing hearing by contacting the State Attorney or the court; 

10. The victim of a crime and the State Attorney, with the consent of the victim, have standing to assert the rights of a crime victim which are provided by law or s. 16(b), Art. 1 of the State Constitution; 

11. To have an advocate assist you in explaining to your employer and creditors about time lost from work, and financial, physical or emotional strain you have incurred as a direct result of the crime; 

12. The right to be consulted by the State Attorney's Office in felony cases involving physical or emotional injury or trauma, or in cases in which the victim is a minor child or in a homicide, the guardian or family of the victim will be consulted; 

13. The right to have an advocate with you during deposition; 

14. The right to be provided assistance with transportation, parking, separate waiting areas and translator services while attending court; and 

15. The right to be notified of scheduling changes.

Victim Impact Statement: As a victim of a crime, you will receive a Victim Impact Statement. This statement allows you to provide us with information about your losses from the crime, how the crime has affected you, and your recommendation on the disposition of the case. Please complete the statement and return it to the Assistant State Attorney handling your case. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING THE VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT, PLEASE CONTACT THE WITNESS COORDINATOR.

Florida Crimes Compensation: If you are the victim of a crime, you may be eligible for Crimes Compensation. The Florida Crimes Compensation Act, Florida Statutes Chapter 960, provides compensation for financial expenses, medical expenses, professional counseling and loss of wages when eligible. Crimes Compensation does not cover property loss.

For information, please contact: Bureau of Crimes Compensation at (850)488-0848 or the Port Orange Victim Advocate Office at 386-756-582 to leave a message. Additional information on benefits and eligibility requirements can also be found in the Domestic Violence section of our website.

Freedom from Intimidation: Florida Statute 914.22 makes it a felony to tamper with or threaten a victim/witness. If you are a victim/witness in a criminal case and you are offered a bribe, threatened, or harassed, call the Port Orange Police Department at 386-756-7400.

Victim/Witness Notification: Florida law provides for the notification of victims, witnesses, relatives of those victims and witnesses who are minors and relatives of homicide victims about judicial proceedings related to their case. In order to receive prompt notification, we must have a current address and telephone number. Please let your Assistant State Attorney and Victim Coordinator know as soon as possible if you have a change of address or telephone number. If you do not let us know, we will be unable to advise you about your case.

Important Referral Services

Port Orange Police Department Victim Advocates

We respond to the needs and questions of victims, their friends and families, and those who require special services.

Community Legal Services
Provides limited services in certain civil matters (i.e. foreclosures, eviction proceedings, etc.). They will provide support at injunction hearings, with no fees or sliding scale.

Children's Medical Services HRS
Provides services to chronically ill children.

Children's Advocacy Center
Provides services to criminal investigators regarding the interviewing of sexual abuse victims. Provides an abuse treatment program, and at times, pays for counseling that other support services may provide. Provides prenatal support services to some qualifying parents through pregnancy and the first few months of birth. Teaches parenting classes.

Citizens Information & Referral
The United Way provides information about the elderly, housing, education, child care, alcoholism, handicapped, mental health, financial aid, legal assistance, personal problems, crisis intervention, family assist program, and deaf services. Other services available.

Domestic Abuse Council
Provides counseling to domestic abuse victims, confidential shelter, emotional support, and help regarding self support.

Elderly Abuse Hotline

If you feel you are being abused, neglected, exploited, or the victim of violence, first call the Port Orange Police Department at 756-5333 (or 911 in case of an emergency), then the toll free number.

Hot Line Abuse Registry
Investigates reports of abuse to children. At the conclusion of their investigations, they render recommendations regarding action to be taken.

Witness Coordinator's Office
Felony cases
Witness Coordinator's Office
Juvenile and misdemeanor cases

Other Important Numbers
ACT: 800-539-4228
City Prosecutor Fred Jaeger: 904-255-4586
Crimes Compensation: 800-226-6667
Department of Children and Families: 386-238-4910
Lawyer Referral Service: 800-342-8011
Probation and Parole Services: 386-756-7433
Rape: 386-258-7273
Rape Victim Advocate: 386-239-7720
State Attorney's Office: 386-239-7710