Reporting Crimes

The Port Orange Police Department is a proactive, community-oriented policing agency. We are committed to the prompt and professional investigation of all crimes, whether reported by private citizens or directly observed by officers on the street. If you are the victim of a crime, or believe one has been, is currently being, or about to be committed, there are several options available for you to make a report. A graphical representation of the reporting flowchart is available by clicking on the graphic in the upper left portion of this page. If it is determined that a crime has been committed, and the suspect is known, the Port Orange Police Department has several options available for filing charges.

Option #1: Call 911. The Port Orange Police Department is equipped with Enhanced 911 capabilities, meaning that the name and address registered to the phone you are calling from will be electronically transmitted to dispatch personnel. If you have an emergency, where there is an immediate threat to persons or property, please utilize this service.

Option #2: Call 248-1777 to reach our dispatch center and request an officer. This option should be selected anytime a crime is in progress, but does not fit the emergency criteria, or the additional reporting options listed below do not fit your needs. Response times are subject to emergency calls and officer availability. Depending upon the nature of the call, a Community Service Officer may be dispatched.

Option #3: You may walk into the Port Orange Police Department lobby between the hours of 8AM and 5PM Monday-Friday to make a report. This option is useful when the crime is not in progress and does not require an immediate response from an officer. Any crime not in progress may be reported using this option.

Option #4: For any minor crime, which is not in progress, a Citizen Crime Report (CCR) may be used to report the incident. The CCR is a self-report instrument that citizens may use to report crimes that require no follow-up by police, and when no charges will be filed in the case. Appropriate reasons for a CCR may be:
• A time lapse in reporting an incident prevents locating the suspect.
• Insufficient information about the suspect exists to locate him/her through follow-up.
• When the purpose of the report is for insurance purposes only and no follow-up is required.

When the completed report is received in the Records Section, it will be reviewed by a case manager. If the review reveals that suspect or follow-up information has developed, the case will be assigned to an officer. The following calls can be handled effectively with the Citizen Crime Report.
• Simple Assault
• Assault Threat
• Animal Complaint
• Civil Complaint
• Larceny, including gas drive-off reports
• Lost Tag
• Lost Property
• Suspicious Phone Call
• Suspicious Incident
• Storm Damage
• Telephone Threats
• Vandalism

A Citizen Follow-Up Report may also be used to report any information that you gather after the original report was taken by the Police Department (i.e. you discover additional property missing or damaged.) The supplemental information that you send in will be reviewed by a police officer.