The Training Division at Port Orange Fire Rescue is responsible for developing a progressive training objective for fire suppression and emergency medical services. The goal of the Training division is to prepare every firefighter to confidently respond to incidents with gained knowledge and expertise. This division develops, delivers and maintains all training and education records of the Fire Department and adheres to the requirements of Insurance Service Office (ISO).     


Division Chief 

Gary Wilson

Division Chief of Training Wilson, has been a part of Port Orange Department of Fire Rescue since 2007. He started his career as a Firefighter / EMT and within a year was certified as a paramedic. Wilson progressed through the ranks of Driver-Engineer, Lieutenant and up to the current position held with the department. During his years of service, he completed multiple related certifications, an under graduate Bachelor’s Degree in Supervision Management and a graduate Masters of Business Administration degree.


Training Duties

As Division Chief of Training, Chief Wilson is responsible with bringing all levels of progressive fire training to the department. We also provide regular State of Florida fire service certifications, EMS in-service/re-fresher classes and monthly CPR classes for citizen and businesses we serve. The Division conducts regular exercises, live fire drills and specialized training to ensure a consistent and effective emergency services response is provided to the citizens and visitors of Port Orange. The Training Division is also responsible for training all new members entering the Department.