High Water Use Alert System

aqua hawk webpage image

Efficient Understanding 

The City of Port Orange is happy to announce AquaHawk, a free, easy-to-use online tool to assist its water customers to understand better and efficiently manage their drinking, reuse, and irrigation water usage.

AquaHawk can help customers with water consumption by providing them with easy-to-understand graphs showing how and when water is used in their homes. It can even indicate when there is a leak inside or outside the home.

Create Monthly Budget

This service can also assist in creating a monthly water budget by sending alerts when a cost or use limit is reached for a household. Users set their own unique thresholds and choose an amount of water (gallons) or an estimated bill amount (dollars) they do not want to exceed.

This service allows people to be notified of issues within hours by requesting AquaHawk to notify you by phone, text, or email when an alert level is exceeded. It will allow customers to control and better understand how they use their water.

Free Service

Registration for this service is voluntary. Registration is easy and the service is free.