Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources thanks you for your interest in the City of Port Orange. Our City strives to be a model organization by providing innovative, outstanding service to the citizens of Port Orange.

We offer the qualified, ambitious applicant who is willing to put forth 100% effort, an opportunity to become a part of a progressive city that has long been recognized as exceptional.

Equal Opportunity

It shall be the continuing policy of the City of Port Orange to afford equality of opportunity for employment to all persons without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, political affiliation, or disability, except when the disability is job related and consistent with business necessity and safe performance of the job.


Persons shall be judged by such factors as their qualifications when seeking employment and in no case shall hiring, training, promotion or advancement opportunities, rates of pay, conditions of employment, performance rating, discipline or termination be influenced, made or withheld on the basis of the above cited factors.


Programs and benefits offered to employees of the City of Port Orange shall also be afforded without regard to the above cited factors. The City will provide reasonable accommodations necessary to applicants with disabilities preventing them from completing a City application form. Please contact the Department of Human Resources if you need a special accommodation. In a public service organization, public office is a public trust.


The issue of Ethics has particular importance. For the City of Port Orange to be an ethical organization, all actions must be based on a set of values. The administration has developed a set of values to establish an identity as a professional organization. There is no higher honor and privilege than government service. That is why this City is dedicated to Ethics in government. It is the collective individual actions of every member of this organization that will dictate whether the City of Port Orange is considered ethical.

This evaluation will be based on the extent that our actions improve the community ("public interest") rather than serve personal interest and gain. Each employee is the organization called the City of Port Orange. There must be full confidence and trust in our commitment to doing the right thing for the citizens of the City of Port Orange.

City Departments

The City is organized into eight departments. Some departments incorporate several divisions. Most divisions will have numerous positions, each varying in minimum requirements for education and experience. Some specialized fields may require special certification and college degrees or specialized training may be necessary in some areas.